Thursday, March 09, 2006

Milk Booth

#2 Photo for the 30 Days of Photos Challenge.


A lot of people have found the shape of this milk booth interesting as well as eye catching. It was not open when I took the picture. I guess I could have taken it from a more creative/ interesting angle.

Taken with my Panasonic DMC-FX9 in auto mode. Rotated 90 degrees clockwise.



Kenny Lee said...

i am looking foward for a panasonic FX9's thw low light performance??

Adam said...

Quite good. That's precisely why we bought it. We tested several cameras in the shop in Mega Mall and it's results were the best in the indoor dim light conditions.

Jen said...

I like the look of the milk booth! It looks real cute! I'd buy milk from there!
The other pics that you've got posted look good! Photography is definitely right up your alley!

Sorry that I haven't been around lately. Work has been keeping me pretty busy and I caught another cold too!

Catch ya later!

kok said...

I refer to prime minister Pak Lah call to BN leaders to go on an info blitz to 'provide extensive information on the rational for the government to raise fuel prices'.

I think the prime minister should know that there will be price increases when fuel prices are raised. Most people are forced accept the multiplier effect of a fuel price increase in their daily lives.

However Pak Lah, don't waste any more of our precious and scarce money on this info blitz, please. Don't spend more time and money just talking and talking and talking……….it is time to walk the walk.

Just roll up your sleeves and get to work immediately to improve public transportation right away. In the meantime, direct your whole cabinet to use public transport on a daily basis especially areas outside of Kuala Lumpur to experience first hand what you are asking us to do.

If you all have first-hand experience of the current nightmare that is public transportation, you will be better equipped to find the right solution double quick.

If the people can be provided with a public transportation system comparable to Singapore's, I will be the first to readily and willing give up car ownership. I am sure a huge chunk of the working-class population would do so too.

We are feeding the government servants but they are now instead trying to make us look like beggars. They are supposed to serve us but now they are treating us otherwise.

What has does the government ever done properly? The roads? The public transport? The government-related services? The government hospitals? It has no respect at all for we the public, we the Malaysians.

Ordinary people like me just cannot understand why that after making profits from the global rise in petrol prices, the government cannot use this extra profit to absorb the cost of rising fuel prices.

Just look at our oil producing neighbour, Brunei. The extra profit they made because of the world oil price increase was used to continue subsidising the people. This is a noble way of a caring government.

And please prime minister, do not associate the people with the opposition whenever they criticise the government. For sure, the government is not always right. The oil belongs to all Malaysians and therefore it is appropriate for them to voice out their anger and disagreement when they see things are not being done properly.

Thank you for hearing me out Pak Lah and I hope you will give this plea due consideration.

romsam said...

By 2010, Singapore will be transformed into the first totally wireless and wired country in the world with the new ultra fast-speed 'National Broadband Network' reaching 90% of households there.

To make it happen, the private sector has been invited to partner the government in this bold project.

Work at home. Make home nice, put in camera and etc. No need to travel. Won't bother the petrol price at all.

If it take 2010 for Singapore, how long it take for Malaysia? Dreaming!

Having said that, reason Singapore now pushing what they called Fiber To The Home (FTTH) as many country pushing is because they never have to spend on - stuff like RM100 million for smart schools that is not so smart.

Only when a government is truly clean and committed, then such mega projects can be realised.

With Bolehland government 'Third world mentality but almost first world facilities', such project will always be a dream only. Multimedia Super Corridor is one good example.

Is very sad that Singapore don't have to declare a Multimedia Super Corridor, and yet they can convert the whole island such a super-duper.

Instead of Cyberjaya, why not we take Penang island to benchmark with Singapore island? An Apple to apple; island to island comparison.

But as of today, the silicon rush era has over, Penang island is still backwards than it was in the 1960s. In those days, Penang was very very busy.

Was education center for overseas Chinese, was named the pearl of the orient, was tourists center among South East Asia. Is over the millennium now, the previous glamour has far gone to the drains, it yet struggle with its 1960s hardware and software.

Old traffic system, trishaws still available at harbour area, riding with congested and yet congesting slow moving Penang style of relax driving streets.

People who admire beautiful Penang as in it 1960s moved in from other towns, and rules Penang. And, the original Penang people have already moved out of Penang. What a migration! Yes, it does have Komtar, Penang Bridge, but in tourists eyes, that can't shine the faded pearl, not a place for enjoy and vacation.

Now, Penang is meeting its end of silicon rush era, what else can Penang to shines again besides struggling with old infrastructure! I think, Penang chief need to think seriously, with Pak Lah help, just like Mahathir helping Langkawi.

Penang should be able to shine again if it embrace truly this knowledge generation era and new digital superhighway broadband will provide Penang a better competitive edge, and be shinning again.

The truth is, Penang has been under developing for too long, it is time to evolve again.

This country is only good in using adjectives like 'Boleh' as Malaysia Boleh, 'Smart' as Smart schools and 'Super' as Multimedia Super Corridor, what else do they really know?

I give up!

miya said...

50 years is enough!

Malaysians deserve to be treated like this. But it will be forgotten after a while until another increase of price take place. In Malaysia the government like to bully the people because the people have no will power to boycott.

Since most of us are perceive to be living in luxurious by the Malaysia government, the government think we will accept the fact after a while. A call for boycotting Petronas will fall on deaf here because simply the people have no will power.

Can anyone tell me any boycott events which have been successful in the past? To my best knowledge - nothing!

Then all this anger should be known by the government and the government must be sensitive because the voters are utter rubbish.

History has proven again and again that BN government is the great liar and great actor. But the people keep on vote for them again and again because it seems we have no choice. What you mean we have no choice! It is not we have no choice, but we are fear of change and like to remain status quo.

Until the people willing to take up radical and revolutionary changes, the government shall always take us for ride. They understand us very well but we still do not understand them after nearly 50 years.

No wonder Malaysia universities produce unemployable graduates.

50 years is enough!

Corruption is already a culture in Malaysia society. There are too many cases to be dealt with. This is not unexpected. The system is run by fools like most of the ministers.

Let said with government-linked companies (GLCs) losing billions of taxpayers money through gross mismanagement, political appointments of unaccountable chief executive officers (CEOs) and rampant corruption, the government should not expect sympathy from the people.

Giving the government more money when it fails time and again, is no different than feeding an addict.

If we want to blur the demarcation between politics and religion in a plural society such as ours, then the result will be bad governance and division as we continue to witness in our beloved country.

Crimes, inflation, rising illegal immigrants and worsening unemployment are testimonies of a worst case scenario.

With the incorrigible, intransigent and power crazy people still around and with myopic belief from the opposition, there won't be any changes in the political scene in Malaysia for another 50 years……….if these inveterate people and recalcitrants are still around!

The problem is intractable, as long as we are a nation divided along race and religion. That is the colonial strategy which has worked wonders for BN.

We have to come together on common ground, and that means all Malaysians - Chinese, Iban, Indian, Kadazan, Malay, and Senoi.

It is time for the government of the day to change their policies before the electorates who voted them into power are plunged into a crisis. Otherwise, it is time for the people to change and choose new leaders.

Good luck Malaysians. You are in for a tough time!

samp said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vesewe said...

It is no wonder that there is a crisis in our higher education. It is time the government has an outside independent, maybe even foreign party make an assessment.

If you don't know how bad the problem is, there is no way you can fix it. I think the problem is very very severe. I think the problem is so bad that the government find it politically sensitive to reveal it, which is why the independent report want to see, is being made an official secret.

Seriously we may actually be lucky to have only 60000 unemployed graduates. In the real meritocracy world, we could be looking at hundreds of thousands.

Having said that, the Malaysia dilemma does not only stem from the fallacy of NEP but also, it seems, the apparent blissful ignorance that we have incorporated into our working culture.

We have to admit that in Malaysia we have bad corporate culture. As such places like university do work without any solid consultation and model. We remain 'deaf' to many issues. This leaks into our daily life as well.

Just look at the banks, the police force, the schools. It is safe to say that nobody really cares about their work in the way they should. It is apparent that people take up jobs and not careers. There is no pride whatsoever in doing anything.

Bad corporate culture! One word: Ignorance.

This simply, is a direct reflection and symptomatic of the fact that Malaysians lives are, from all angles, in danger.

Power abuse, potentially high inflationary pressures blowouts, poor international relations, national security and personal safety, low educational standards, institutionalised corruption, government-linked companies scandals, financial bailouts, being overrun by uncontrolled illegal immigrants………..and so-on-and-so-forth.

This administration, unfortunately inherited a very, very sick country. Even terminally ill, receiving palliative care.

End game?

The moral decay is beyond the point of no return! Judgment: Malaysia is relegating to become a fourth world country. Vision 2020 has derailed!

God is very fair. Other countries have natural disasters, we have our ruin ministers.

When are we going to wake up? China, Thailand and even Vietnam are galloping ahead and we will end up eating dust that they kick up. Well, at least we may still be better than Ghana at this day.

Look out Ghana or Nigeria! Bolehland is hotly pursuing your title of most corrupt nation. Hooray! Malaysia Boleh!

I felt sorry for the people of Bolehland.

This is the result of gross lack of planning. Projects are approved on the run for various reasons. It is already costly to build. But it will be more costly, at least 3 times more, to repair and fix. This is a wastage of taxpayers money.

No one could be held responsible and accountable. I suppose no one cares for the ordinary people as long as there is money to be made.

If this happen in some of the under developing countries in Africa, one could understand. But to Malaysia……….something is seriously wrong - we have plenty of qualified and experienced people to ensure things are done reasonably well.

I call for a formulation of a 21st century New Economic Policy when the NEP runs out of term based exclusively on socio-economic grounds favouring the poor and disabled belonging to any group of Malaysians.

As a good leader and a decent human being, one got to do what is right and fair with morality and dignity. If not, the future generations to come will live and suffer with great shame of the actions and behaviours of their leaders.

It is high time to unite all Malaysians for a good cause. Enough is enough!

Adam said...

I was surprised by the number of comments on this post - most of them not related to the post at all.

It might have something to do with my article on

However, it seems that most if not all were written by one guy (with different names). I have deleted some of them.

BabyPink said...

that's a cute milk bottle. i like the color. hehehe:)

i was surprised to read the very long comments, too, and i was trying to figure out what part of the entry i missed because the comments didn't have anything to do with the milk bottle. or did they?


Adam said...

Babypink: I don't why but all ladies say that. Maybe he is so angry that I can get to buy milk from the stall and he can't. ;-)


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