Monday, March 13, 2006

Ikea and Mamak

Ikea has nothing to do with Mamak stalls (unless some mamak puts Ikea funiture in his stall). Just wanted to make the title interesting. Actually these are my #5 and #6 photos for the 30 Days of Photos Challenge, respectively.


Taken in the Ikea store in Damansara. After I took this picture, one of their staff (a girl) came up to me and told me that photography is not allowed. I didn't see any warning anywhere. Well! No more free advertising for you guys then.


My favourite mamak stall. We will normally have our breakfast of 'roti canai' or 'nasi lemak' with a cup of hot 'teh tarik' almost every morning. For those who didn't know, 'mamak' refers to the ethnic Indian Muslim comunity in Malaysia.



Mama22Beas said...

Aik...didn't know photograhy is not allowed there as I see a lot of people doing it. But I have a doubt myself that it is allowed, I don't really mind that. Just another excuse to frequent that place;)

ShaolinTiger said...

Dunno, often took pictures in Ikea.

xaverri said...

ohh i so miss mamak back home :D makes me think of my garlic cheese naan and teh ais..

Upreshpal said...

nownownow...this mamak stall look familiar ...UUM Salleh rite? yeah i used to hang out here. but something really eye-opening happened one morning, at about 6.50am, just when this stall was opening,the owner was sprinkling some water from a cup that had lime in it... no wonder Adam loves this stall..the power of Mandram!!!pehhhh

Dragon City said...

camera is not allowed but phone camera is OK..hehe

BabyPink said...

"mamak" is a nice term. i thought it had something to do with mothers. hehehe:)

Adam said...

Mama22Beas, ShaolinTiger: Had no problems before. This was the first time.
xaverri: Now that you mention it, its been sometime since I last had cheese naan. Yum Yum.
Upresh: Welcome to the blogging world.
Dragon city: I am still using a low tech - no camera- phone :-(
BabyPink: It's actually derived from 'mama' the tamil word for uncle.

Naz Sunshine said...

Thanks for the wish - Happy Belated Birthday to you too (emm if I've actually missed it :))


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