Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Coffee and Chocolate

I drink a lot of coffee at work and even though I don't really like the beverage (I prefer tea), I need it.

Don't think I would be able to get my work done without a hot cup of coffee nearby.

Anyway, someone at work recently gave me a present - a box of chocolates. Not ordinary chocolates but whole coffee beans coated with chocolate.

It is called Expresso Coffee Delight and is manufactured by Beryl's chocolate & confectionery sdn. bhd. (Never heard of the company before this). Their website layout goes haywire on my Firefox.

Anyway, I had put the box in my office cabinet and came across it today while searching for some documents.

Was curious to see how it tested and opened up the box.

Not bad! I guess I can only describe the taste as Bittersweet. Crunchy too. I chewed the whole thing and swallowed it.

This is my 22nd photo entry for the the 30 Days of Photos Challenge.



Lucia Lai said...

hey the website looks fine with my firefox. can't take a look at the website for long as the chocs are so tempting, making me salivate. haha.

i don't really like bitter sweet choc. i always prefer choc with nuts.

Upreshpal said...

haha i like this review. btw, my Firefox is jumping up and down and up and down,if u get me, and it is driving me bonkers

Jen said...

I don't drink coffee, but I do loooove chocolate!


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