Saturday, February 11, 2006

About Melbourne

Just a quick update from Melbourne airport.

I have been really busy with last minute preparations for my sister's wedding and didn't have the time to access the net.

However, I now have about 30 mintues to kill before I get onto my flight back to Malaysia. Saw an internet cafe. Hmmmm. Got myself a 20 minutes internet access card for $4 and a latte and I am ready to go.

Well it has been a very hectic week and I wish I had more time to explore the city. Maybe next time.

When I first got here the place was chilly. My sister had told us that the temperature of the place was around 40 degree and I didn't pack and warm clothing. The temperature has been fluctuating between 20 and 24 degrees. I was even caught in a heavy downpour the day before yesterday while roaming around the city with my dad. A few minutes later the clouds vanished and the sun was up. That's Melbourne.

What do I like about Melbourne?
A lot of things really. But here are the top 3 things....

1. The fact that I can drink straight from the tap. Don't laugh. After years of getting muddy water on the tap in Malaysia, this is something amazing.
2. Pedestrian friendliness. You can walk to almost everywhere in the city.
3. The lovely parks. I liked the Royal Botanic Gardens by the Yarra the most.

What I don't like about Melbourne?
Not that many.

1. Almost all shops close after 5pm. Definitely no roadside teh tarik stalls like in Malaysia where you can grap a cup of tea after midnight.
2. Everything (well almost everything) is so bloody expensive. Yes! The Malaysian Ringitt doesn't go much.

More updates including something about the wedding later. Till then...



BabyPink said...

wow, melbourne!:) i hope to see that place one day.:)

yeah, the fact that you can drink directly from the tap IS amazing! hehehe:)

Anonymous said...

Not "everything" is expensive, just the food that's a bit pricey, but you get twice as much as Malaysian portion don't you?And yea, bring a jumper & an umbrella everywhere you go in Melb:)

Jacky said...

Oh, they don't need Diamond (the water filter thing)?

Jee said...

I might consider migrating just for drinking directly from the tap lol..

Lrong said...

Botanic Gardens by the Yarra is really a lovely place indeed... and the pedestrain friendly streets indeed... why can't we have these as well in Bolehland, I wonder...

Dr.Prince (王子- 陳琮祐) said...

Thank god, they have a good filtering system...imagine you drink directly from the tap in Malaysia....well, a few day diarrhoea perhaps.. never give it a try...ha!


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