Monday, December 19, 2005


As you may be aware, several parts of northern Malaysia have been hit by flood - the worst in 20 30 years, according to some news reports. Among the most severely hit in the state of Kedah was Kubang Pasu. Thousands of people have been evacuated and taken to emergency relief centers. I hope none of my friends are affected.

I was supposed to go back the day before yesterday but decided to take emergency leave and watch the situation. Last night I was already on the bus back to Kedah, when they suddenly announced that the bus won't be going beyond Jitra. I quickly stopped the bus and got down. I noticed that I was not alone. A colleague of mine who stays in Changloon town also decided to stay back in KL. Like me, he is a weekend husband (he works in Kedah while his wife works in KL and they get to meet only on weekends). He was quite worried as he has no idea what condition his house was in. I am quite lucky as the house I rent is on high ground and is not affected.

This morning two of my friends who normally drive to work every day from Sungai Petani informed me that the situation has not improved and in fact got worse. They had to turn back from Jitra and were stuck in a terrible jam.

If the rains don’t let up, there is going to be a disaster.


Alor Star airport has been closed indefinitely.


Lucia Lai said...

is it that this is the first time kedah is affected so badly? usually we heard only of terrible flood in kelantan and terengganu, not so much in kedah.

lillian said...

Hope you stay safe. Even if your house doesn't flood, I find floods can be quite stressful !

Alina said...

I am really sorry to hear this, Adam. As you may know, Romania has been dealing with floods all this summer and a bit this autumn, so I am very aware of the disaster they bring. I hope the number of affected people stays at its lowest!

Adam said...

Lucia: There were minor floods but I heard this is the worst in 30 years.

Lillian/ Kayla: Thanks. Some of my friends have been affected. We are praying that the rains stops.

gazard said...

Hope the situation will be under control soon. Just contacted a friend from Perlis, feel relief that she and family are in Johor now. The global climate is changing, there is rumor about the other Tsunami will hit Malaysia soon. Wish it is not true!


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