Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Waiting for the call

I haven't been able to update my blog for quite sometime now. The past few days have been quite hectic with work, meetings and other stuff.

I am now waiting for a call from the UK. It’s from my prospective PhD supervisor.

Yes! I have decided to continue with my PhD in the UK. I was pursuing it part time in University of Malaya but made the choice to discontinue it here and start all anew in the UK after taking several factors into consideration.

It’s a tough choice considering that I have to leave the security of my present job and the fact that have covered nearly a year in University of Malaya. And in the end I may end up changing the whole topic based on the area of interest of my prospective supervisor.

Another factor that adds to my feeling of insecurity is that even if I do get selected as one of the PhD candidates, I still may not be able to accept their offer if I cannot come up with the funds to support my study. I don’t have enough funds for the study and I would have to apply for a scholarship. And I can only apply for a scholarship after I get accepted into the University. There are only a limited number of scholarships and I would be fighting for them with people from all around the world. That’s why obtaining strong support from a supervisor is very important.

Fortunately, living costs and other expenses won't be a problem as my wife is going there too supported by the Malaysian Government.

I am not sure what he is going to talk about. I am praying that everything goes OK.

UPDATED 20 Oct. 2005:

I received his call while I was on my way to pick up my wife from her office. Talk about lousy timing. And my prediction was right, he expects me to incorporate some of his research areas into my proposal if I want him to be my supervisor. Now I am cracking my head wondering how I am supposed to do that. Guess I have to change my whole proposal.


z_mnor said...

wishing the best to both of you. I pray for everything will be OK for u guys : )

Golf Addix said...

mesti best punya . dont wori abt it. by the time u guys are back , both of us should be back in key el oledi. errrr can we rent your house while u r in the UK ?

narrowband said...

Good luck on that! It's wonderful to note that your family would be with you in UK, too.

Hardy said...

I have no, in a slightest doubt, that you will be able to make it. InsyaAllah. All the best!

Lucia Lai said...

yes do continue with your phd study in UK. don't worry too much about expenses and all that. to use the popular quote - pray and god will provide. (not to mean that god will drop cash on you but you know what i mean). yes things will get sorted out you see.

all the best to you whatever happened.

maria said...

wish you all the best. all the lucks to you :).

Adam said...

Thanks for your kind words guys.

shsuya said...

wow...congrats on continuing ur long will u be gone for? ur wife is studying too?
all the best to u n the Mrs. Insyallah things will work out.

Adam said...

The minimum duration of study for a PhD is 3 years and maximum can exceed 5. Yes, my wife is studying too. Thanks.


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