Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Simply Not Enough

I love reading about new electronic gadgets. Quite a number I have my eyes on, for sometime now... a digital camera, a laptop, a new handphone and some other stuff for myself. Materialistic? I guess so but I would like to get other people things too.

I would also like to buy my wife a nice big diamond ring because that tiny one that I put on her finger on our wedding looks so small when I see the stones on other ladies' fingers. I would like to give something back to my father too after all he has done for me. And for our close friends.

However, something or the other keeps coming up and I never have enough money in the end. I could also run up a debt on the credit cards but that won't really solve the problem. Actually I could take out the little savings I have but that’s for unforeseen circumstances in the future - say for example, unemployment.

I remember what my economics lecturer taught us in University - "human wants are unlimited."

It's true. When you just started that job and took the LRT to work everyday and had to push into the crowded feeder bus and nearly vomited from the body odour, you looked forward to the day you could afford to buy a car - any car.

When you finally got that Perodua Kancil, you were happy for a while but got pissed off when guys in bigger cars bullied you on the road and acted as if you didn't exist.

Then you upgraded to a Proton Wira. Wow! It was like a dream come true but later you started casting your eyes on that curvaceous Toyota/ Honda in your parking lot. When you do get the Japanese car, I guess a Merc or Beemer is next. And it never ends.

Someone was complaining that only a few non-Bumiputra's are working with the Government (BTW, I am one of those few guys). This was from a guy working in a nice MNC with a handsome salary and perks. I would be happy to trade places with you anytime.

It's not that bad actually. I do earn more than a several other employees of our organization. Some of the clerks earn less than RM2000 and I wonder how they are going to raise those 5 kids.

I am really looking forward to our one month's bonus and was really happy when I learnt that we would be getting a pay rise too (not much but any rise is welcome). God bless the PM. I am supposed to have some money coming in but the stupid organisation (a so-called strategic alliance with ours) is delaying the payment.

However when money comes in, something or the other turns up.

I have our 3rd wedding anniversary and Rahil's 2nd birthday coming up this month, closely followed by my wife's birthday in November. Of course I have to spend some money. Then ther's the renewal of our maid's visa to take care of. We also have to give her some money when she leaves for Indonesia for a short break. Then finally, there's my sister's wedding in February next year in Melbourne.

Do I really need those gadgets? Actually, I guess not. There are a million other more important stuff to tend to - like my PhD (as my wife always remind me) and a future addition to our family.

I could certainly do with some extra cash in hand.


Lucia Lai said...

adam, so you are a govt. servant? lucky you. all govt. servants felt happy after the budget had been announced i'm sure.

like you, i like electronic gadgets too but all i can do is dream, because as you said, those are not NEEDS but wants... wants which i can do without if not enough money.

it's so true what you said that when money comes in, something or other will turn up. i feel that way too. i thought oh so nice, extra money or something like that comes in but then suddenly i find that i need to spend more than usual so it is like the money doesn't comes in at all.

i guess maybe we need to plan wisely where money concerns.

Hardy said...

Addition!!? yeay! Congratulations!!

Mama22Beas said...

I'm also one of those that will benefit from the Budget...though not much, can cover the expense for the diapers of the new baby;). And as for the bonus, all will go to the new apartment!
Anyway, no matter how small we get...just be grateful! Then we won't feel so bad of not getting the 'wants'!

lillian said...

Very mature of you to come to the conclusion that you don't NEED those gadgets! :-)
will read your post to my husband lol

Lrong said...

Human wants are unlimited... how true... I try not to own too many 'things' altho I do fail to contain this feeling sometimes...

shsuya said...

hehehhe I couldn't help smiling at ur description of constantly wanting a bigger n better car. Guilty as charged. I was happy with our first car a 17-yr old Honda Accord. Then we set our sights on a newer car - an 8 year old Lancer. Then a 4 year old Corona. And now a new Lancer. Now nothing less than a brand new car will do. Such is the folly of human nature huh?

Anonymous said...

just by reading this post makes me dowanna grow up (ahem~too late, i'm 23 :()...money, career, money, career! get goosebumps when i start thinking bout how i'm gonna survive after i graduate this Nov.

Zaza said...

everytime i wanna get something for myself, a handbag, a new handphone etc, i always tell myself - its not a neccesity, i dont need it! i can do without it! and it seems to work!! its all true what you said in your blog. human wants are limited. very true indeed! its how you control yourself. there are others who doesnt even have a handphone, cant afford one, so you gotta be thankful of what you already have. try not to have plastics a.k.a credit cards. i dont. can you believe it?! used to during my student days, and i've learnt my lesson! serik!! i have the same wish too, just like you. now, i certainly could do with some extra cash too!! the wedding and the relocating, we need every single sen! and as for ez's ring, its beautiful. its a very meaningful ring which i'm sure she wears full of pride, regardless the size. insyaallah, your rezeki will come and i hope and pray it will!! no matter how big the stone is, if it doesnt come from the heart and your sweat, it wont mean a thing. :) and.. congratulations!!! is she craving for anythin yet?

lynnee said...

i need more monehhh... to pay off my house loan. it eats out a good chunk of my pay every month... & is gonna continue doing so for the next 20 years!!!!!

by then, i'll probably be too old to enjoy my money or the house anymore... :(

Adam said...

Lucia Lai: Am just another lowly govt. servant - not in some big decision making position. But the pay raise feels gooood.

Hardy: Thanks.

Mama22Beas, Zaza:You are right. Have to try to be more thankful of what we have and realise that there are others worse off than us.

lillian: Its hard. When we see new gadgets we turn to kids.

Raven: Don't worry about it too much. Its part of life and all of us have to go through it.

Zaza: Not yet. Going through the nauseous stage.

Lyneee: Same here. Guess we have to work harder to earn more.

Jacky said...

Digital camera, I have my Sony P10
Laptop, I have my Dell
Handphone, I have my Nokia 3230

But all the above are old to today's standards. I would like to change them all to the latest newest models - only in my dreams :)

BabyPink said...

yeah, there is really no satisfying man. after getting what he's always wanted, there's another thing he wants. human nature. i think once we learn to be really contented with whatever it is that we have, we'll truly be happy with our lives, right?:)

and, sometimes, when i really think about it... these electronic gadgets, instead of making life simpler, they make life more complicted. hehehe:)

sorry, that's the old-fashioned BabyPink talking there...:)

narrowband said...

Those gadgets usually serve as accessories, like "add-on"s, and aren't really a necessity. I, too, would think that family ties should be top priority. You're right about that.

Y'know, seeing the people around us (who are close) happy, we'd be happy as well. That kinda happiness is priceless. And one I'd prioritize more than anything else.

Get them nice gifts, may not be pricey and flashy. But you know, little things like that sometimes can really go a long way.

cyber-red said...

wants = supporting materialism and consumerism

You can ward off the evil force =P

Me said...

"I love reading about new electronic gadgets"...reading is ok but buying sucks..

Jen said...

ah, but somehow or another, those little electronic gadgets have managed to run our lives and made us slaves to technology!

Thanks for stopping by while I was away! My new post is up!
Hope all is well! =)

xaverri said...

*shudder* Graduating next July and already I think "Simply not enough"! Fresh grads salary, hv to cover petrol/parking/toll/makan/insurance/money to parents etc etc..

Am old-fashioned like BabyPink, sometimes think they make life more complicated =)


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