Sunday, October 09, 2005

One After Another

What’s happening to the Earth?

After the Asian Tsunami came floods in India, China and several other parts of Asia.

Then Hurricane Katrina (nearly 1200 people dead) in August followed by Hurricane Rita hits the US coast leaving thousands dead and devastation on its track.

Last week, mudslides in Guatemala kills hundreds, said to be the worst single tragedy in central America. It was the result of Tropical Storm Stan, which also hit El Salvador and south Mexico.

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Just across the globe, terrible earthquake hits Pakistan Administered Kashmir and also parts of Afghanistan and India killing over 18,000 20,000 people.

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And now Hurricane Wilma is moving at 7mph (11km/h) towards Mexico's Yucatan peninsula as I write this post at 12:11pm Malaysian Time on 20th of October.


BabyPink said...

it's really scary. and, all these only show how helpless we are when mother nature throws tantrums!

let's all just pray for the best.

Strizzt said...

Was thinking about it the other day, too. Yep, things don't look too bright eh? Just when we thought mother nature is back to normal, unfortunate events jolt us back to reality.

Marita Paige said...

It's us. We're screwing up the earth big time. We're not helping.

Lucia Lai said...

we in malaysia are lucky (and thankful) that we do not experience natural disasters.

each time disasters like these happened, while saying a silent prayer for the victims, i also say a prayer of thanksgiving that i'm lucky to be staying in malaysia.

lainieyeoh said...

especially with the whole end of the world theory, yesss..quite scary.

Adam said...

I guess Earthquakes will happen in these areas as the tectonic plates move. However, I have to agree with Marita. Despite the denials from vested interests, we can't deny it. The world is indeed heating up causing the weather to go haywire in different places.

narrowband said...

Take M'sia for example, people still burn stuff openly. I won't say the last haze-attack was all caused by our neighbour Indonesia. Malaysians contributed.

Okay, done with that. As for the quakes, death toll surpassed 20,000 people alr. It's devastating. It's moving to read about Pakistanis not being able to contact their families, and how children and adult are crying helplessly in the affected areas, some having lost a family member, some others the whole family. I hope there won't be any serious aftershocks.

Jen said...

Hey Adam! How ya doing? It's pretty crazy with all of these floods, quakes and Hurricanes lately, eh? When is it gonna end???

sweetspirit said...

Hi Adam
Yeah scary stuff it is as if the world is slowly turning n slowly ending.

But technology has in fact played its part ,in letting us all know what is going on in the world .If we went back 15 yrs ago , in Oz disasters in other countries weren't news unless of course it was UK or USA tsk tsk.



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