Sunday, October 09, 2005

Buka Puasa

This is the first time during this fasting month of Ramadhan that I had Sahuur (light meal taken shortly before the break of dawn) alone.

I reached my house around 3 am yesterday. Caught a few winks before I was woken up by my alarm. I had a drink of Nestum, a piece of cake, some dates and a pizza, which my wife had packed for me in KL.

I may have to break fast alone today and that is not a happy thought.

Breaking the fast is definitly much more fun when you are with your loved ones. Can't wait for the week to end and I get back to KL again.


narrowband said...

When I stayed in the hostel, I frequented the foodcourts about 3-4 am during the fasting period. (No wonder they say university students' sleeping hours often go haywire.). Me and some friends loved the food. It's really unlike the usual non-fasting-period offerings.

BabyPink said...

i can relate and i definitely agree that breaking fast is much more fun when you're with your loved ones.:)

shsuya said...

hey hang in there ok? if its any help, I'm sure there are lotsa others who have to breakfast/sahur alone due to work commitments...

Adam said...

Actually there are. Unfortunately most of them are single ladies and breaking fast with them, however innocent it may be might have unwanted results. I don't want the gossip mills to start turning ;-)
From experience.


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