Sunday, September 11, 2005

Letter to Malaysian Government Officials

Writing a letter to a Malaysian government official or even a Minister?

Most of us absolutely have no idea how to go about it and we were no exception. However, over the years, I have gained some experience in this matter. Hope that you don't make the same mistake we made.

Here are some guidelines according to government officers, some retired and others still serving Minister's offices at Putrajaya.

1. Make the letter short.

Usually not more than 3 paragraphs and on one page. Remember these are busy people who have no time to go through 3 - 4 pages.

We made this mistake.

2. Write in Bahasa Malaysia.

Letters in English are not entertained.

Made this mistake once.

3. Verify that you are addressing the right person.

Discovered that 2 officials we once wrote to had been transferred to another department.

4. Get recommendation letter/s whenever possible.

Helps in getting the letter through. The most valuable one is from the Prime Minister himself (tell me if yuo know him personally). We really need his help.

5. Preferrably, hand deliver the letter.

If you send by post, there is no gurantee that they may reach the intended receipient. So drive down to Putrajaya and get there before office hours.

6. Follow up

This is to ensure that your letter went through and not put in KIV or have been thrown into the rubbih bin.

BTW, we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel or is that another lamp.

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Anonymous said...

(quote) BTW, we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel or is that another lamp. (end quote)

No, it's a train coming...


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