Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Everyone is wearing a Tissot

Among my colleagues, I have become the guy they should consult before buying any electronic product. Not sure whether I can call myself an opinion leader but I guess I am. Now, it seems that I am also becoming their fashion accessories consultant. That's so wrong because I am definitely not gay nor a metrosexual. I am just a normal old-fashioned type of guy.

Last year my wife gave me a Tissot PR 50 watch as our anniversary present - the gents version of the one she has. "Matching! Matching!" in her words. Reminds me that our anniversary is coming up soon – in fact it falls next month.

Anyway, one of my friends was looking for a new watch to replace his old one and asked my opinion regarding various brands in the market. Of course, I recommended Tissot.


1. It's a Swiss watch.
2. It's a brand with a long and proud heritage. The brand celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2003. The company was founded in Le Locle, Switzerland in 1853 and is now part of the Swatch group, the biggest watch company in the World.
3. It's one of the classy yet among the most affordable brands.

If you have seen Mr and Mrs Smith, the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt adventure flick, you might not have realised it but both of them are wearing Tissot T-Touch watches.

Actually, this is not the first time Jolie has worked with the Swiss brand. She also wore the Tissot’s T-Touch in the movie: Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life.

My dream watch, the T-Touch offers 8 separate functions including an Altimeter, Chronograph, Compass, Alarm, Thermometer, Barometer as well as Date and Time. You may say, "So what? Even my Casio has all of those features?" Ah! That is where the similarity with the Tissot T-Touch ends. Pressing on the crown and then touching the touch-sensitive screen activates the functions.

Anyway, coming back to my story. One fine day, I noticed that my friend had bought a new watch - one exactly like mine. Yes, it’s a Tissot watch. According to him, "it was the best looking affordable model in the watch shop".

Yah right! What happened to all the Seikos, Citizens, Swatches, CKs, etc, etc.? However, unlike, ladies who would die if they were caught wearing the same clothes or fashion accessories, guys don't have that problem. So I have no problem with my friend wearing the same watch. Show's that we have similar good taste.

NOTE: I was not paid by Tissot to write this post.


lucia said...

but i thought everybody wants a rolex? no?

what about omega watch? it was the one used by james bond in the movies right?

well we ladies...oh at least speaking for myself only, i don't mind coming face to face with another lady with same accessories... but NOT same clothes. very embarrasing!

Anonymous said...

well, lolex (lol!) is a bit too much for me at this early-mid 30's. But I do have the one of petaling street's version!

I have always preferred watchmaker watches (citizen, seiko etc) rather than fashion watches (ck, armani, guess). Been eyeing T Touch for some time. Would love to have one myself.

Anonymous said...

Long live swiss watches !!! :-) Personally I like swatch.. not that I wear one, I use the clock on my handy !

Anonymous said...

Oh, the T-Touch is so nice huh? Although I have a Seiko, the one Ekin is wearing in the advertisements (dunno this advertisement is still on or not), it is now sitting in my drawer betting for attention :)

I prefer just to use the clock on my N3230.

Anonymous said...

Yes the tissot is cool...
but i think swiss army watches are cooler :)

My wrist wishlist:

Tag Heuer Link
Tag Heuer Carerra
Omega Speedmaster
Mont Blanc Chrono


saurav said...

its look !!!

AK said...

i still use my cheap digital watch, but that does look nice

also tagged you for meme adam, hope you enjoy it

nong said...

Hey, my Ma and Abah are a big Tissot fans. They've been wearing the brand for decades now.

Equaliser said...

Tissot is owned by swatch.


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