Monday, September 19, 2005

7 things meme

Oh no! Not another meme.

I was tagged by Lucia. I found this particular meme quite interesting because I often ask myself these questions and leave it at that. Answering these questions made me think about my priorities.

So here is the 7 x 5 meme:

A) 7 things I plan to do before I die.
1. Go on the Haj at least once.
2. Visit as many foreign countries as I can.
3. Make a name for myself (not in the negative way).
4. Draw my family tree (at least 20 generations before).
5. Get a scuba diving certificate.
6. Buy a nice house with a big garden.
7. Set up some charitable trusts.

B) 7 things I could do.
1. Be more charitable
2. Write a book
3. Apply for a PhD scholarship
4. Earn more money
5. Save more money
6. Spend more time with my wife
7. Spend more time with my daughter

C) 7 celebrity crushes.
Like Lucia, I actually can't recall the last time I had one. Maybe when I was a teenager. And as I wrote in my profile "I am not a teenager any more".

D) 7 often repeated words.
1. Oh oh! (When something goes wrong)
2. Shit! (When angry with someone or something)
3. Allahu akhbar (God is great)
4. OK (when emphasising a point).
5. And.... (when I am pausing between sentences)
I can't recall others.

E) 7 physical traits i look for in the opposite sex.
Nice friendly smile and 6 other physical traits of my wife ;-) (An opportunity to score some points with my wife).

Tagging anybody who feels like answering the questions.


shsuya said...

I lurve ur answer for Part E. hehehehhe

Lrong said...

Go for No. 5, my friend... Get a scuba diving certificate...

narrowband said...

think i have a crush on amber chia. LOL!

yvy said...

alamak, u oso kena oredi. :)



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