Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Man on the Moon

All this talk about sending a Malaysian to the moon reminds me of an incident some time back.

I have always been a sci-fi fan and love to imagine that one day there might be a colony on the moon. Though that is unlikely to happen unless someone finds something precious there. Everything is economics. Governments and organizations won’t fund a project unless they are sure to get some economic benefit out of it and a space mission is definitely not going to be cheap.

Anyway, we were attending a talk at Islamic Outreach ABIM, Ampang Hilir. After the talk we were having lunch when one guy started a discussion. He looked educated and well to do (looking at the size of his Mercedes Benz). He was of the opinion that man never landed on the moon and all the moon landings starting right from Apollo 11 mission, were all fake – a drama staged by NASA and the US Government. So Neil Armstrong and the others never landed on the moon.

At first I just tried to be polite and listened but after a few other people started agreeing with him, I decided to speak up.

It is simply not possible that all the moon missions were a hoax perpetuated by NASA.

I gave him a few logical arguments. Are there satellites in space right now or is that another hoax by governments and space agencies around the World? Is there a space station or again another hoax? Where did the pieces of moon rock come from? Are the films made on the moon fake? Are all scientists in this World so stupid as to be fooled?

His answers were like “If they can make Star Wars look so real, why not?”

Of course he could not possibly win an argument against me. However, he went on an on about a particular website, which proves that man never landed on the moon. Like the flag on the moon was fluttering and so on.

I had to gently remind him not to believe everything that is published on the net. At the end, I could see he had really worked himself up and simply refused to see my point of view. I decided to end it by moving to another table.

Do you guys believe that man never landed on the moon?

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boe said...

They landed on the moon alright. Sometimes ppl can take the conspiracy thing too far. Glad u had the guts to speak up. Good for u

BabyPink said...

i'm sorry, but that man is total whacko! star wars?! oh, come on!


love2bug said...

star wars.. heheh!!
yeah.. i've read about the hoax..
but surely.. really
he need some sense

Me said...

I've read about it too.....
i dont know ....
Though I believe what NASA said is true..

Anonymous said...

Next time you hear someone like that bringing on their conspiracy theory, you just go along with it but conclude it with something that would make them re-consider back their idea...like you come up with the theory that some famous people are still alive like Elvis, Kennedy and Princess D cause they want to have their privacy and they are now living in Timbuktu (MALI ;-D).Chances are they're gonna think that you are wacko and you would respond with "See that's my point!" and you would slide away from their table with a smirk in your face....Oooooohhh! that's classic...

mike @ louyau.net said...

hello adam ... me back blogging at www.louyau.net again. see ya !

AlanK said...


I remember talking to some guy who believed that monkeys landed on the moon but not us

kind of gave up on him, but yes do get quite few people that just love conspiracies

Anonymous said...

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Golf Addix said...

why not ehh? but I would like them to take along JJ to the moon. then leave him there . in due time when we have that programme running again , ask someone to pick him up and make him the prime minister....he he he.

for me , why send our guys to the moon. when there are still humans to feed back on earth ... ahak...


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