Sunday, August 21, 2005

IKEA the Right Choice

If you were in Ikea yesterday (Saturday) afternoon, you might have noticed a guy busy dismantling a bed near the customer service area. Yeah! That was me.

Our new apartment is completely bare except for the electrical switches and plumbing. As we didn’t take the renovation package offered by the developer, we have to do it ourselves, one step at a time.

Do it yourself (DIY) is still a new concept here in Malaysia. However, as prices of services go up, I reckon that DIY is going to get more and more popular here in the future. Ikea is the pioneer of this movement (at least in furniture) and creating more Prosumers (a consumer who is also a producer) in the process. Anyway, going back to my story...

- First of all, we have to fix the lights (13 in total) and 3 ceiling fans.
- Then fix grills to the windows and door. At the same time, fix railings for the curtains.
- Next would come other furnishings including wardrobes and kitchen cabinets.

As money is a constraint, we decided to go for stuff, which is good quality, reasonably priced, yet doesn’t look cheap. Some of you might be asking “Where Got like that?” (Manglish).

Read on my friend and you will discover that quality, style and cheap prices do indeed come together (sometimes).

Of course, our first destination was the Ikea store in Damansara (5 minutes away from our new apartment). We paid several visits this month to look for ideas, as well as to survey the prices. Before you ask, yes! We also visited dozens of furniture malls around the Klang valley as even paid second hand furniture shops in Taman Tun a visit.

After looking around quite a bit, we were either not happy with the quality or the price. Some “Super Sale” deals came with hidden conditions or were of crappy quality. The “quality” stuff came at super prices too.

In the end, we have decided to completely furnish our house with Ikea stuff. Well! Actually partly furnished.

We spent last Friday and Saturday buying all the lights, light bulbs, 2 ceiling fans, several curtain railings, 1 Queen size bed, a single bed, a wardrobe and a table. Apart from the fans, we bought all the rest from Ikea – all of it for less than Rm1000/

Which brings to the first part of my post. What was I doing dismantling a bed?
No! I did not get a part time job in Ikea.

On Friday, we discovered this place in Ikea, which we had never explored before – the ‘As Is’ section. This section carries old showroom furniture (technically, it’s not second hand), slightly damaged stuff and old stock.

Even though the stuff here does not have any warranty, a lot of it is in great condition. We bought the table, the curtain railings and the two beds here. The Queen size bed was a real bargain (we got it at a fraction of their real price) because it had a small chip on the headboard - nothing that a small paint job won’t fix.

Anyway, while paying for the stuff, the cashier mentioned that we would have to dismantle the furniture ourselves with tools provided at the service counter. It was not something I had been looking forward to actually but I had no choice or so I thought.

I spent nearly an hour dismantling the two beds with help from the Ikea staff (and their tiny S shaped screws), when we casually asked one of them about the delivery services. The guy gave me a strange look and told me: “Oh! If you use our home delivery service you don’t have to dismantle the furniture. Our staff will do it for you.”

[NOTE: All delivery within the Klang valley will cost you RM65/ for any number of items. If you want them to assemble the furniture for you, that's an extra 5% of the cost of the products.]

I felt like a complete idiot - all the hard work for nothing. I could only look at the bright side. At least I know how to dismantle them we want to move anywhere next time.

Would love to design the kitchen and fix the cabinets myself – when we have more money. And probably all the stuff will be from Ikea.


boo_licious said...

adam, if you had used their home delivery charges, the bed will not be so cheap as they charge quite a bit.

Looks like you picked good deals.

Adam said...

Actually I had no choice as I don't have a pickup. I think its ok at RM65 for all the stuff.

Anonymous said... this by chance. anyway, would be good if you show us, the before and after pix. of your apartment. what u think?

z_mnor said...


housewarming party in Sept *wink*?

twinsmom said... envy...ikea got good stuff, but I can only use those passed down from MIL wan first, we don't have the "right" to throw those furnitures *boohoohoo*...

nong said...

hmm ikea... i simply love their choice of colors

Mama22Beas said...

I'd given up on all other furniture stores, either the design is lousy, or they are too expensive (or both). I'm an Ikea hardcore fan;).
BTW, ,RM1000 for all that is not bad...gave me some idea as we also are moving in to a new apartment in two months time, lucky it's their sale. Planned to have everything new, but also with a new baby coming...have to take some (also all Ikea items) from the old place!
Have a good time furnishing, and thanks for your story on the delivary...made a note already!

leecs said...

me n wife also ikea hardcore fan!!!
most of our furniture in apartment from ikea, spent more than 10k when we move to our apartment 4 years back.
even now in beijing, also buy things from ikea here.

BUT, some of the ikea stuff also NOT good like the chest height cupboard that we bought for rm700...goyang liao after one year ++ (or my DIY still in certificate?)

if u buy in bulk, rm65/trip is not expensive. sometime certain will give promotion if exceeded certain amt free delivery...

photos please. :)

Golf Addix said...

errr housewarming in Sept ? sounds cool. how about inviting all the bloggers as well. esp those in kl. plus both of us . saw the video sent by ez thru the mail on maid brutality. aiyooo almost make me sick mah. my regards to the other half...

Adam said...

z_mnor, Golf Addix: Will invite you guys when we have the party.

nong: Yeah me too. I love their simple, neat yet stylish designs.

Anonymous, leecs: Pics coming up soon.

twinsmom : Can always mix and match. You can always get a great bargain.

Mama22Beas: Would love to hear your experience in moving in to a new apartment too.

shsuya said...

well at least u know how to dissemble their stuff now. Glad to know u managed to find ur stuff in IKEA. Nothing beats the adrenalin of furnishing a new house.

Liz said...

Yeah, I'm an IKEA whore too. When my sis and I moved into our apartment two years ago, most of our stuff came from there! Not only do they look good, they're customable.

Given up on local stores - unless you're into teak, most of the furniture out there either reaaaaallly expensive or really laoyah looking.

Acid said...

Hey adam, ur apartment is 5mins fr IKEA? where u staying la dude? me at sek4 kota dsara. the apartment behind shel there. we're so-called neighbours then! last time i went to IKEA i bought myelf an Aneboda punye almari for RM399, which is not so bad. I took a quick inspection, and decided, yeah... this can fit into my car with a little bit of creativity. But damn, it was a hectic job! Luckily there were 3 IKEA guys in the parking lot which came to my aid and help to squeeze it into my proton. my wife had to sit in the back since it definitely wont fit in the bonett. by that time i wish i had a honda city or something! About the DIY thing, I really dont mind since I'm an 'HOME IMPROVEMENT' kinda guy.

I agree. not all stuffs in IKEA is value for money. you really had to go and inspect thoroughly before buying. or else, you're better of buying ur furnitures at the local stores/shops, trust me.

Adam said...

Hi Acid, took me sometime to reply. Well I am not your neighbour yet as we haven't moved in. Our apartment is at Flora Damansara.

Looked around a lot but at the same quality, Ikea is still the cheapest.


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