Sunday, August 28, 2005

I am Malaysian

Overheard in a shop in Bangsar.

Lady No. 1: You look Chinese. (you have Chinese features)

Lady No. 2: I am Chinese.

Lady No. 1: But, you speak Malay so well.

Lady No. 2: I am Malaysian


Me said...


Lucia Lai said...

thumbs up to lady no. 2!

why so surprise if a non malay speak malay so well? we are all malaysians, we all speak malay.

Anonymous said...

LOL...duh!! what's wrong with Malay speaking Malaysian-Chinese?

lainieyeoh said...

Hah! That'a a good one

Maria said...

Similar situation happen to me before!?
taking a cab after work, the diver finally broke his curiosity

Maria said...

and ask me am I a Malay, then I said I am Chinese, he said why I look so much like Malay, I said because I'm Malaysian :P.
the other way round.

BabyPink said...

hehehe:) i like lady no. 2!:)

lynnee said...

people say this to me all the time also.

it's quite annoying really. as if chinese are supposed to speak really terrible malay.



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