Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Convert Normal Pix to Cartoons

For quite sometime I have been working on a way to convert normal pictures to cartoon-like images – you know, similar to those in comic strips. You can also use them as avatars. After Googling a bit, I found a Photoshop tutorial, which unfortunately was quite complex and turned me off.

I tried Macromedia Fireworks, Adobe Photoshop, Irfan view and even Paint but they didn’t give me satisfactory results. I remembered that I have a great yet free image manipulation program on my computer which I don’t use much – Gimp for Windows (The GNU Image Manipulation Program) and started it up.

After playing around a bit I found a filter, which was already installed.

Just click on Filters > Artistic > Cartoon.

Just tweak the Mask Radius and Percent Black to manipulate the picture (here I used a picture of my daughter).

It’s not perfect but good enough for most purposes.

I don’t use Gimp that often because it crashes a lot (FYI, I have the buggy version 2.2.7. The new version 2.2.8 has already come out). For a free program, it sure has a lot of goodies and is ideal those who can’t afford to buy the more commercial programs and don’t want to buy pirated software.

Some of the best things in the World are available for free.


BabyPink said...

how cute rahil is... i feel like i've seen her grow up through your blog. hehehe:)


narrowband said...

Will Photoshop do it? :p

It's very fun to play with photoshop, too!

Justin K C Yap said...

I have tried this type of way before to produce real pics to cartoon image but doesn't really works well. been seraching all over internet but still cant's find any

Acid said...

haha, thats intersting. i wonder how danish would look in cartoon image! haha... was sometimes since i last used photoshop... that's quite an idea, really! how's the haze in ur area?

Adam said...

Babypink: Thanks.
Narrowband, Justin, Acid: Bit tough on Photoshop as you have to play around but the results are probably better than using a filter on Gimp.
Kedah is Ok. However, I heard that some stupid/ irresponsible people started some fires on their paddy fields in Kepala batas. These people should be arrested and fined.


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