Monday, July 04, 2005

Testing Blogger Images

Testing out the Blogger Images feature.

It's a scanned picture of my sister Diana (when she was still cute). HaaaHaaaHaaaa
She is going to kill me for posting up this pic.


BabyPink said...

oh, but that's a really cute picture. very, very nice.:)

z_mnor said...

Oooh! Diana was so cute...! I think she still is *wink*

Which Blogger Image features, did u test on this lovely picture?

Adam said...

Hi Babypink, Ita: I am sure she will be happy to hear that.

Ita: Now you can insert images directly from blogger without using any external image hosting service.

Lrong said...

Good story there too... what was she looking for, I wonder...

sweetspirit said...

That is certainly a beautiful pic :)


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