Sunday, July 31, 2005

Not Again

Writing this post, still groggy. I reached my house at 3:15 am morning (from KL) and could only catch a few hours of sleep. Had breakfast with my friend, Shahmir at our favourite mamak stall. And then I read this: ‘10 sen more for petrol and 20 sen more for diesel’.

It was a real nice way to spoil your mood for the whole day. We all knew it was coming but somehow whenever it happens, any rise in fuel prices really pisses you off. Except maybe for some people who are the ones ripping off consumers.

I dread it because despite the Government’s call not to increase prices last time, almost all the businesses ignored it and I am sure that it will be the same, this time around. The first people to raise the prices would be the transport companies. Last time, bus ticket prices went up by almost RM5 – which meant an extra expenditure of nearly RM40 every month (I go back and forth almost every week). I wonder how much they would increase this time around.

Anyway, it was nice to read about Nicol David’s win in the CIMB Malaysian Women’s Open Squash Championship. Have been following this lady’s career and she is showing no signs of slacking after her various awards (unlike other Malaysian sportsman). Instead, she is getting better and better. This is her forth title of the year on the professional Squash circuit. On her way to the title, the third seed beat World No1. Rachel Grinham (Australia) and World Champion Vanessa Atkinson (Netherlands). Too bad, that this sport is not included in the Olympics.


Lucia Lai said...

yeah i heard about the petrol/diesel increase yesterday and i was too fed-up to blog about it. before that i had blog and grumble so much on all these - petrol, bus, ferry - increase so now i'm beyond grumbling. ;)

i'm so proud of nicol david. she brings fame to our country. i wonder why nothing had been done for her eh? i mean like some kind of rewards or benefits.

i saw nicol once some years back when she was in our church. she's a penangite.

FaChOuL said...

Hello buddy. I heard about the increase price for petrol. Damn, curse those Americans.(Dont bother about my fact whether its not accurate). And yes, glad to hear our local hero "Nicol David" rising high in the squash competition.Good luck doll in the final.(Fingers crossed, hope she read this comment, wink* wink*)

Adam said...

Hi Lucia. I am betting on her to become the next No.1 and World Champion.

Fachoul: Thanks for visiting my blog. She lifted the title. Me too. I hope she reads my blog and better still, leaves a comment here.


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