Monday, July 04, 2005

Malaysian Idol and Akademi Fantasia

It seems like whenever I go out, some guy or the the other will start talking about either Malaysian Idol or Akademi Fantasia. I then realise that most Malaysians are born critics.

Just the other day, one of our friends stated this discussion about Mawi's concept of a perfect 'Gadis Melayu'or Malay Girl. The issue was his first condition that the girl must wear a 'Tudung' (head covering). My friend was of the opinion that it was not a good PR on his part as that might put non-tudung Malay girls against him. However, I disagreed. My rationale was that tudung clad girls greatly outnumber the non-tudung clad Malay girls. Moreover, look at the voting demography - teenage schoolgirls and housewives (most of whom who wear tudung). If you don't believe me, just look at the screaming members of the Mawi fan club at all the shows - most of them are tudung clad Malay girls.

Anyway, 3 guys have already gone into the finals of Malaysian Idol. Atilia, Faizull and Xerra are the first ones to go in after the 1st workshop. I just came across Viewtru's Malaysian Idol blog. What's really funny are the names Viewtru has given to Faizull and Xerra - Fat Kampung Rocker and Anorexic Red haired Girl respectively.

I am really beginning to like Faizull. He's the guy we never expected to see through the prelims but now he's there - one of the finalists. However, I wonder whether Perniagaan Orang Kampung Sdn. Bhd. put him in to promote their products secretly. He kept on shouting "Orang Kampung" everytime he got through (but not anymore it seems).


shsuya said...

yeah everyone's talking about it but I can't watch it .. No Astro in Singapore.... but I dun think I'm missing that much right ? or am I?

Izham said...

U've been missing a lot.

U wanna watch Akademia Fantasia? Come over to JB every Saturday Nite. I think every restaurant will turn their TV to channel 4 of Astro.

nin said...

nice post....


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