Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Malaysia Blogger Map

In case you have not heard, Penang blogger Cheeun has launched the Malaysia Blogger Map web site.

To get your blog plotted on the map of Malaysia, provide him the required details.

However, I was wondering what would happen if there are two or more bloggers from the same area. Wouldn’t the dots overlap?

BTW, Cheeun is the designer of the Firefox theme (which I am currently using) called Phoenity.

And to those who asked, yes! I am contacting the bank today and what their respose is to my problem before writing to the newspapers. I realise that complaining to the authorities should be the last resort after you fail to solve the problem through amicable means.

One of the ladies did mention that we may have a chance to get the late charges waived if we can prove that the bank did send the cheques or money in time.

BTW, Ah OK Lah Blog recently crossed the 30,000 page view mark (one third of which is probably mine). I would like to thank all visitors to my blog.


8dee said...

thanks...I will post my blog on Malaysia Blogger Map

Lucia Lai said...

yes i read about that in cheeaun's blog but i find difficulty in figuring out the longtitudes and latitudes.

i wonder too what if more than one blogger are in exactly the same area. i'm sure there are. like me in bayan baru, i know one other penang blogger in bayan baru too.

Uncover Japan said...

Don't forget Best Blogs in Asia also

narrowband said...

congrats on ur blog's milestone!

AlanK said...

Congradulations on passing milestone, mine is just approaching the 3000 mark so know how tough it can be

thecoolestblog said...

Cool blog and cool message

OuiOui said...

adam, thanks for the info.

Just so you know, I am back..

Am eager to bloghopping again!And surely would like to ctach up with your entries!

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
Uncover Japan: Yep! I have listed myself.
Ooi Ooi: Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

wahh.. good idea

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Saiful azry said...

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tdas said...

It can be done, it has been done..

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