Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Day at Putrajaya

I am really disappointed. Just found out from a friend, that certain documents of mine, which were due to be reviewed had been kept in KIV/ dormant / or simply forgotten.

It is clear that despite the PM’s call for better customer service, ISO certifications, and big “Q” symbols representing quality hanging everywhere ...

Some things are best left unsaid.

I was under the impression that my application had been approved or was at least at the final stages of evaluation. I received no progress report or whether it had been rejected and it has been several months since my last investigation/ interview.

So we went to Putrajaya last Friday with a fresh letter of appeal. My wife took leave from her office and we rushed to reach there before the employees left for their Friday prayers. We were too late as the offices closed at 11:30 am on Fridays and would only open at 3:00 pm.

We tried to kill time by driving around Putrajaya. After prayers, headed to Alamanda for lunch. This was our first visit to this mall and I have to say I am quite impressed with the place. Had lunch at the food court. The food was great but a bit pricy - RM7.50 for nasi champor with carrot susu (carrot with milk). However, we were not there to enjoy the ambiance of the place and left for the offices as soon as we finished our lunch.

When we got there, It was drizzling a bit and I couldn't find any parking. My wife asked me to drop me at the entrance of the particular block and find parking somewhere else. I went around the place a few times but couldn't find any parking. Finally I went out and found parking at the back of the block. I sent my wife an sms telling her where I had parked and to call me when she was done and started reading the newspaper that I had brought along.

I was at the cartoons when I suddenly realised that it had been quite a while but I still hadn't received any call from my wife. Tried to call her but the phone was dead. It then struck me - I remembered here telling me that her battery was dead while we were having lunch. I am so absent minded sometimes. Felt like kicking myself.

I quickly reversed the car and went to the entrance of the block. Just then I received a call from my very angry wife telling me to meet her at the guardhouse of the complex.

She had reason to be angry. After not finding me anywhere near the entrance, she had walked to guardhouse to see whether I had parked there. She had requested some people around to lend her their phones to call me (she was willing to pay) but without any success. In the end, she had to walk to the nearest pay phone (which was not so near) to call me.

She let off some steam and I kept quiet because I knew it was partly my fault.

It also turned out that she was already pissed off even before that, with the tidak apa attitude of the people manning the counter in the office.

I really love my wife. She spent two days writing (in Bahasa Malaysia) and going through the letters. She had also taken leave from work for the whole day, missing a very important meeting.

Come to think of it. She has sacrificed a lot for me. She even delayed going for her PhD overseas at the risk of losing her slot next year, just to allow me to finish my contract. Thanks Darling for standing by me through thick and thin.

I hope that our sacrifices are not in vain.


pr1ncz said...

wat a dreaded dy indeed.customer service, it stinks in certain areas here 2.its really disheartenin dat pple dont even part wif their mobiles 2 help a total stranger.yeah they may hv their fears, but wat if it was genuinely urgent*sigh*

all da best, hope ull recieve the gd news..SOON..n ur certainly blessed to hv such a luvin n carin wife.

tks lotsa 4 droppin by n sharin ur tots.

hv a fulfillin wk.

nin said...

all the best....

chics said...

u have a lovely wife but u are not a bad husband at all.I mean how many guys would just sealed their mouth when they had their wives screeching at them while having a bad day?

Acid said...

poor u guys! well, its hard to say really. the tidak apa attitude is killing us malaysians mann... all the best for your applcation.

Madder said...

poor you... the working culture in our country sucks big time.... the least they could do is employ productive employees for customer service.

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys. I think all organisations need to properly train their staff, especaally those at the frontline jobs, in improving their customer service.
What happend to service with a smile.

Chics: She was angry but not screeching at me.


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