Friday, July 01, 2005

Alone With Rahil

As some of my old visitors and friends know, I have been travelling back and forth between KL and Kedah for quite sometime now, more than 2 years and 8 months to be more precise. The government's move to implement a 5 day work week for goverment employees is a real boon for us guys. Now I can get to be with my family more often.

Anyway, yesterday I got a lift from my friend who commutes to work everyday from Sungai Patani. I then caught a bus from the Sungai Patani station. The tickets for the delux buses (24 seater) costs only RM28 and I reach KL almost an hour early. Besides, I get to chat with the guys (3 of them car pool).

My wife has to go to some kind of camp organised by Biro Tatanegara (BTN) somewhere in Negari Sembilan. She left yesterday morning and will be away till the 5th of July.

So it was me and Rahil yesterday. I really had a hard time trying to make her sleep. I guess she was waiting for her mum to come back from work. Tomorrow I have to go back to Kedah and she will have to sleep with her grandmother.


AlanK said...


what days are the five day week, is it monday - Friday or is it islamic calender

also is there an maximum hours limit as well, here in the UK it is 48 hours week except for junior doctors and truckers + those that choose to work longer

Adam said...

Well apart from 3 states, it will be Mon day - Friday for all other states. I am workign in Kedah and will work from Sunday-Thursday.

nin said...

Thanks for visiting my site.....
take care...

BabyPink said...

hi adam.:)

i'm sure rahil was so cute the whole time.:)

anyway, before the government implemented the 5-working day week, how many days did you, guys, have to work in a week? in the philippines, it has always been 5 working days in a week. but, the government tried a 4-working day week, but it didn't seem to work. so, it's back to normal.:)

Adam said...

Hi Babypink, it is only for govt. employees. We always had a 6 day work week before this. However, we did get the 1st and 3rd saturdays off.


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