Sunday, July 10, 2005


Woke up on the 8th morning slightly drowsy, with a throbbing ache in my left side of my mouth - where my wisdom tooth used to be. Went down to get a cup of tea and picked up the copy of the NST.

The headlines woke me up - "Terror attack in London". I couldn't believe it.

I quickly switched on the TV and switched to BBC. Yes, it was true. Terrorists (suspected Al-Qaeda) had struck in London.

The targeting of innocent people at public areas at the peak hour when everyone was rushing to work shows that these people do not discriminate between sexes, age, race or even religion.

According to a BBC report, those caught in the blast included people from Sierra Leone, Australia, Portugal, Poland and China as well as the UK.

This was yet another blow to the image of Islam. I also fear that innocent Muslims may be targeted in a backlash. Already in the northwest England city of Birkenhead, Merseyside, suspected arsonists have attacked a mosque - the Wirral Islamic Cultural Centre, Shahjalal Mosque this Saturday. Read the reports here and here.

Now, we are reconsidering our plans to further our studies in UK.

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