Monday, June 06, 2005

Review of d' Tandoor Restaurant Ampang

Sometime back, my father informed me that one of our distant relatives who now resides in the US would be in KL for business. That was in March. I felt quite bad as he was staying alone and something or the other would turn up, everytime I planned to meet up with him. I finaly got the chance yestrday.

With my wife, my daughter and maid in tow, I picked him up from Lanson Place, Jalan (road) Ampang and took him to the D’Tandoor Restaurant just down the road. Actually he picked the place. Jalan Ampang is known for its killer traffic jams but there were hardly any traffic yesterday.

The restaurant is situated on the Ground Floor of Wisma Chinese Chamber and serves North Indian cuisine. There were only a few patrons and we didn't have to queue and got nice a nice table by the window.

I didn't take my camera so I can't show any of the dishes we had. I had a sweet Lassi, which was terrific. We ordered a plate of Hydrabhadi Briyani (lamb cooked with basmathi rice and spices), plain rice and Naan. We also orderd Fish Methi (fish curry with fenugreek leaves), Vegetable Jal Frezy (mixed vegetables), Palak Paneer (cheese with spinach) and Dhall Tharka. which we shared.

Palak Paneer is one of all time favourite dishes and unlike other places, they had generous helpings of Paneer (cheese) in the dish here. The food was delicious and I had a little too much. However, I made a little room for the Dessert. I shared my Rasmalai with my relative (uncle?), while my wife had Kulfi (indian style ice cream).

Altogether, the bill came to about RM140, which was very reasonable. I was about to pick up the tab but my uncle snatched it away. According to him, he had a policy of not letting younger people pay. It felt a bit odd becaue I was the one who had invited him out for the lunch. Anyway, as they say there is always a next time.

If you want to try out authentic North Indian cuisine in Kuala Lumpur, I wholeheartedly recommend this restaurant.


Halian said...

I had my luck eating D'Tandoor, but they came as caterers when one of Malaysia's big law firms came to our law school to select future employees. The lunch was lavish. The food makes you both full and satisfied. Spice is nice.

mamat said...

Been to Tandoor in Damansara.

Authentic North Indian food. Excellent.

Wished there are more of these kinds of shop, and cheaper ones as well!


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