Wednesday, June 15, 2005

New Bloggers

Now more and more people are joining the blogosphere. I noticed that a few of my friends have even started their own blogs without even telling me. I discovered their blogs purely by chance. You know who you are…

I am proud to say that I have inspired, motivated and helped a few people get on board.

I will just mention 2 here:

Mr. Rajoo (my colleague) who has just started his blog called Shopping Tips. On his blog, he provides (some really strange) tips on how to shop, save money and get free stuff.
Believe me, this guy knows all the tricks and has a “huge” bank balance to prove it (so I have heard). Nothing illegal involved.

Mr. Faizal from Melacca, who has a blog called Jutawan :: Millionaire. Records his journey to becoming a millionaire. I wish him all the luck and hope that one day it comes true. However, someone just told me that a million is nothing. A Billion. Ah! Thats something.

Oh Yeah! I am now using Blogrolling to list my links. Now linking is just a few clicks away. However, during the process, I lost a few links. Unlike other bloggers, I do believe in reciprocal linking – you link to me and I link back. However, some conditions apply (HINT: A lot of government employees and kids read this blog).

Talking about kids, Jealine, a 10 year old blogger from the Phillipines left comments on another blog of mine - Auto Lah. Her writing is better and more mature than many bloggers here in Malaysia. Of course, there is a possibility that it is someone older faking it or maybe her parents are helping out. You can check out her blog and decide for yourself.

Added this later...


Spell your name/ url, etc., etc. using pics on Flickr by clicking here.

I got this from Samson's blog.


Lucia Lai said...

hey i like your colleague, mr rajoo's blog. shopping tip eh. men also so interested in shopping eh. :)

oh and i like that words by flickr too.

titoki said...

Add me laa! ;p

Adam said...

Lucia: Yes! Men do like shopping. Only that they hate to admit it.
h.liew: Just did.

9T9 said...

Anyway thanks for that Flickr things Adam. See my latest post on thats.

BabyPink said...

hi adam.:)

yes, i think jealine is really ten years old.:)

Adam said...

Babypink: Yes! I guess she is 10 years old after all.

Jealine-anjel said...

Hi.. it's jealine..
well.. I WAS 10 yrs. old back then.. currently i am 14.. i kinda lost count on how long it has been since my last post.. time just happened to fly.. although there have been some doubts on my age,, i just want to make it clear that i was really the one typing my posts.. my parents jst supported me for what i was doing and that further inspired me to write more posts.. i wish i could post more often but time doesn't permit me as much as i've hoped for.. thanks by the way for featuring me..


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