Sunday, June 12, 2005

Happy Endings

Not every saga has a happy ending but recent events which took up headlines and official media as well as unofficial (blogs) in Malaysia ended on a happy note.

The six missing people (four kids in Fraser's Hill and the father and son in Cameron Highlands) were finally found unharmed.

The Prime Minister intervened personally to ensure that the top SPM scorers finally obtained the Public Services Department (PSD) scholarships.

And today the Higher Education Ministry has approved two years' unpaid leave for Associate Professor Dr. Terence Gomez to enable him to take up the post of project manager for research in identity, conflict and social cohesion with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. His forced retirement was duly revoked and thus enable Dr. Gomez to rejoin University of Malaya after his secondment ends.

Proves that in Malaysia, the "Authorities" do listen to the people.

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