Monday, May 23, 2005

Rebranding Telekom

I was not sure what Telekom's new logo meant or what their rebranding exercise was about. Some of my friends thought that it represnted Telekom malaysia with the symbol of either a bird or a turtle on the top. We were all wrong.
According to Jalilah, who's an Assistant Manager with Telekom at Melacca, the new logo with the alphabets "TM" represents the new group image comprising of three colours of orange, blue and red. Orange represents TM Net while the red represents Celcom. I didn't even realise that the two curves were of different colours.

Their website emphasizes that "this change emphasises a more fundamental approach towards instilling a customer service oriented culture amongst TM employees".

I was really pleased to note that they have placed "Customer satisfaction" as the "cornerstone of this new brand identity". I really hope that this is not mere talk and really translates into action.

One change which I really hope for is faster and cheaper broadband access. Or if they can't, let others who can, into the market.


chics said...

yeah, like you, i too didn't realise the colour is different

Madder said...

if they can't, let others who can, into the market ...

Sokong!! :p looking forward to the days when downloading Smallville Torrents wouldn;t take 31 days (On Streamyx!) ....

nong@kween said...

Funny because they spent close to RM10 million on their rebranding exercise, only to confuse more people and the message didn't even get thru (and the "u are not just a number banner?"- totally crap). Why bother going thru all this when your (tm, in this case) anti competition policy is still widely practiced-crashing and shutting down any entry to the market as much as they can.

disco-very said...

yeah, i had no idea that the orange and red were 2 different colors... i was informed about it when i was in a meeting at Celcom's HQ in KL.

i also second your vote for anti-monopoly.


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