Monday, May 30, 2005

Brainwashed Idiots

Yesterday some people really pissed me off and I can't get it out of my head.

I was with my wife and we got into this conversation with some people. I won't elaborate on the whole discussion but here are two things they said, which really made me mad:

1. Malaysia is not Islamic.

This is open to discussion but their reasons which i found really stupid:
- Muslims do not follow all the sunnah of the Prophet pbuh, like taking wuduh (abulations before praying) too fast.
- Azan is not loud enough in Malaysia.
- There are cinema halls.
- Kafir (non believers) control the country.
- Women do not cover themselves.

To them these are the most important issues. What about working hard, no corruption, not cheating people, education, etc. Not that important.

2. I converted to Islam because of marriage.

One guy actually had the guts to say then when I explained that I was a convert (or revert) to Islam. Thank God I kept my cool or I would have wacked them right there.

According to them, most people who convert have an ulterior motive. They could not comprehend that people would convert because they loved the religion. They kept quiet when I told them that I converted 2 years before I married. I also reminded that all the followers of the Prophet and the earliest Muslims were all converts and not born Muslims. Malaysia is also one of the countries with the highest number of converts to Islam as compared to some other so called “more Islamic” countries.

They realized I was getting angry. Or I guess our reasoning was getting through their thick skulls. They then started praising Malaysia and agreed that Malaysia was a model of a progressive and peaceful country. They said, “Yah! Yah!” “That’s why god protected Malaysia from Tsunami.” According to them the Tsunami was sent by Allah (God) to punish the wayward Muslims in Indonesia. WHAT!

What about Palestinians? Earthquake in Iran? War in Afghanistan, Iraq? Are the Muslims there being punished too for being wayward?

I realized then I was talking to a couple of complete idiots who had been brainwashed by their so called Ulamas.


Lucia Lai said...

brainwashed into become brainless i suppose.

yalah just ignore those brainless idiots. i can't understand why so many idiots (even some VIPs mind you!) place importance on trivial things like azan not loud enough, women not covered and so on, and neglect important issues like you said corruption.

yes i always get very mad too when people associate disaster as punishment from god. let's say though the person of mr xyz is a very bad person and a disaster happened to him, it is not right for us as god-fearing people to say that he deserve it.

Lucia Lai said...

oops. sorry. first sentence i meant to write "...become brainless IDIOTS i suppose".

Kervin said...

It's a sad fact that so many people are still as idiots especially concerning religion. The worst are those that sat I'm holier than thou for this and this reason or those that view any other religion besides their own as infidels. No reasoning with these people as no matter what you say they will never change their attitudes. Also yeah it's sad when people say disasters are an act of God upon those deemed sinned, many people said the Achenese were so because the Tsunami hit them, they never think.

sweetspirit said...

Hi Adam
Well im glad you held back n kept ya cool.Some ppl are just ignorant of facts,especially in Oz .I myself have been reading the Holy Koran online since 01,and in 03 bought my own Holy Koran.
So i am still learning although i am not a revert yet.

Don't let those ppl bring you down ,i know it is easier said than done.But just smile :) n have a gr8 wk


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