Monday, April 18, 2005

What a Week

I finally had a nice deep sleep last night.

Monday night: Awake till 5 AM in the morning, waiting for my wife and the other guys to finish their work.

Tuesday night, Rahil woke us up crying. My wife discovered that she was shaking and a high fever. On checking, we found that her temperature was hovering at a dangerous 103.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, we always have some medicine ready for such emergencies and quickly administered it. After about 30 minutes, her temperature went down below the danger mark (100 degree F).

It was a temporary reprieve as we woke up to find the fever had come back. Moreover, Rahil had developed a slight cough. To see her like that just lying there and shaking was really hard. She also refused to eat any food. To cut a long story short, Rahil’s fever went on fluctuating like a seesaw and we took her to see the doctor twice. She also had to take antibiotics for the first time in her life. On Thursday morning, Rahil woke up in the morning without crying and we discovered that the fever had finally receded. We were really happy when she drank up every drop of the milk in her bottle.

We were really relieved as we both had a conference to attend. Both my wife and I presented papers at the First Asian Business Conference, which was organized by the Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya at the Grand Plaza ParkRoyal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur. The hotel is situated smack right in the middle of the Golden Triangle of KL. I had heard of the horrendous morning traffic but never had to go through it myself. It took us nearly 2 hours before we finally arrived at the venue. My wife’s presentation was on the 14th while mine was on the 15th. My paper was a conceptual one. I put forward a modified model of the popular ‘Technology Acceptance Model’ It is actually the framework for my PhD research. I received some really useful suggestions from the audience. However, there was one strange incident, which was quite funny actually. I was nearly ending my presentation when this guy wearing a turban and in slippers, entered the room and started asking some really strange questions, which had nothing to do with my presentation. He was going on like "what is the effect of spirituality?" and "Are you aware that besides IQ and EQ there is something called SQ (spiritual quotient)?" besides other gems of wisdom. I really didn’t know what to say and tried to bluff my way through but fortunately my supervisor rescued me by indirectly saying that the question was out of context. Yeah! I get all these strange experiences but I guess it woke up my audience. Ha ha ha!

Haven't been to Sungai Wang foa a very long long time - so took the oportunity to do some shopping. Bought myself a belt and a tie, while wife bought two shirts. We also bought 3 DVDs.

On Saturday night, we went to a party hosted by my wife’s colleague. Had a wonderful relaxing time there sitting on the balcony of his penthouse and chatting with the other guys. After reaching home, went straight to bed and had the best deepest sleep I had in a long time. … a perfect ending to an eventful week.


nong@kween said...

Hope Rahil is getting better now.

Madder said...

sorry to hear about Rahil, I hope she's doing better now. Good to have you back adam.

RG said...

hope rahil is getting better now bro.

Adam said...

Thanks for your concern guys.
Rahil is much better now but she still has a cough and running nose. Thinking of taking her to the doctor again this morning. She suddenly woke up yesterday night and kept on crying. Had to hold her and literally sing her to sleep.

Jinny said...

Heh, I once had a similar experience, I was in a conference (I was a student delegate) and there was this guy who spoke up during the colloquium and rambled on and on... out of context. Annoying at that point, but amusing to think back on :)

Hope Rahil gets better!

parisa said... iranian first time i put on comment for another person in another country........ i read your web.....its was a little hard for me........but i happy...........

parisa said...

my web site is not can

sweetspirit said...

I do hope Rahil is better by now,
tcz n rest

Adam said...

Hi Jinny: These guys sometimes really piss me off, taking away precious time from from others who have genuine questions relate to the topic at hand.

Sweetspirit: Thanks. Yes she is running around now.

Parisa: Thanks for your comments. Visited your site. unfortunately can't read Parsi.


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