Monday, April 04, 2005

Sister Back in Town

My little sister (not so little anymore) is back in Malaysia. She went to Australia about 4 years back to do her Master in Management - ended up with two Master's degrees (2nd in Accounting) and finally getting a job in a Bank in Melbourne. She is now a permanent resident there. Compare this to some professionals who have been in Malaysia for nearly 10 years and still can't get the PR status.

It was quite funny but she seems quite mature now as compared to time when she was studying in Help institute, Damansara and staying together in a condominium in Pantai Hill Park. Then, she constantly got onto my nerves. Yes, I guess people change with age.

She was seeing Rahil in flesh for the first time. Rahil was a bit wary at first but by the second day got on fabulously with her. She was able to accomplish one thing. Rahil hates chicken and always spits out the chicken cooked for her. But day before yesterday an amazing thing happened. My wife and my two sisters had gone to the Giant outlet in Kelana Jaya and went for lunch after shopping. They ordered Nasi Ayam (Chicken rice). Rahil was there too. My sister fed her a small piece and that was it, she kept on asking for more until my wife decided she had enough. Maybe it was the flavour the shop used - made the chicken tasty as compared to the bland cooked at home variety.


sweetspirit said...

That is gr8 stuff ,guess u miss ya sis heaps,enjoy ya time together okz

Adam said...

Thanks Sweetspirit. She is now in kelantan visiting our parents. i think my mum is really happy as she misses her a lot.

leetot said...

arrhhh sounds sweet of u reminds me a lot of my sweet little gurl sistha who also not to consider "little gurl" - she's 21...i also juz got her to talk to me after 2 years not talking to each other...????##**strange..anyway enjoy ur time 2gether...


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