Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sheesh Mahal

This Friday went to a newly opened restaurant on the invitation of our friend Za Za. I suddenly realised that I have never done any restaurant reviews and thought that this might be a good opportunity.

When I first heard the words "Fine Pakistani cuisine", the first thing I said was "it must be a damn expensive place". "No!" my wife assured me. "It’s for free. Thanks to Za Za". Well I am a sucker for free food and it had been quite sometime since I last had nice food, so why not.

Sheesh Mahal restaurant is a new Pakistani restaurant in Taman Dagang, Ampang (Just behind the Giant outlet).

We set out from Kelana Jaya, PJ (Petaling Jaya in Selangor for thouse who did not know) at around 8:00 PM with Rahil tagging along. The weekend traffic was horrendous and by the time we reached the place, it was already past 9 PM. There were 9 of us there.

BTW, ‘Sheesh mahal’ means ‘Palace of mirrors’ in Urdu/Hindi. The interior décor was quite tasteful. Not overboard as in some Indian restaurants I have been to. They were playing some hindi movie songs. I guess, it short of ruined the ambiance but I guess none of us thought it was a big deal. In fact my wife was singing along. It was Good that there were not many patrons around. ;-)



We started off with drinks and ‘papadam’ with starters. Rahil loved the mango lassi and kept asking for more - "nak". The Pudina (Mint) chutney was quite tasty too but we were hungry and couldn’t wait to start with the main course.


I can’t remember half of what we ordered but I had Palak paneer (spinach with cheese) and Alu gobi (Potato with cauliflower) with Biryani rice. We also had garlic naan, cheese naan and garlic naan too. My wife loved the mutton dish. Sorry I was so busy digging in that I forgot to take pictures.


They say time passes so fast when you have a great meal (actually I made that up). It was time for deserts. I had almond Kulfi (ice cream). I also had a mouthful of the Gajar Halwa (made from carrots).


The owner Mr. Taj Muhammad Khan, told me that they have 2 more outlets – one in Subang and another in Kluang, Johor. He is normally there at the Subang outlet whereas this particular outlet is run by his cousin. He was there just to receive us.

Overall the food was tongue smacking, lip licking terrific. Everyone gave their thumbs up. So, next time you are hungry and want Pakistani/Mughal food for a change, drive over to Sheesh Mahal.

Thanks Za Za (and Hardy of course, for introducing us to this place).


cyber-red said...

hehe the restaurant's name very the funny ler...

SunGrooveTheory said...

This looks absolutely elegant. Lucky duck. ;)

Adam said...

Cyber red: Yes! I guess it is.
SunGrooveTheory: I got great friends..


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