Sunday, April 10, 2005

Poppy Garden

It’s been quite sometime since I last went clubbing - actually it has been more than 2 years. Yesterday night my sis-in-law Ezu celebrated her birthday with a couple of friends at Poppy Garden, which is along Jalan P Ramlee, KL quite near to KLCC. We were also invited.

I don't go to KL that often and I am not really familiar with the roads - so we followed Ezu and Muz.

As we entered the two-storey complex from the main entrance, we had to walk across a dramatic path - slabs over water to reach the courtyard in the middle of the complex where our table was. We found that some of the guys were already there. Acat was there too. Found out that most of the guests were working with Petronas or with Petronas subsidiaries. Not surprising as Ezu works with Petronas and Muz with MISC.

I had expected the live band to play some Malay tunes but after listening closely, I realised that they were playing some Malaysianised version of some popular songs including the evergreen "Killing me softly". Quite different and nice too.


I couldn't find any vegetarian dish in the menu and decided to go for a vegetarian version of the pineapple fried rice. They took quite some time with my order. Was really disappointed when they once came out with my dish - the waiter suddenly realised that there was some meat in it and quickly took it back in again. Most of the guys had finished by the time I finally received my food (just after Acat). The fried rice was placed in a pineapple which had been hollowed out. It was great - maybe because I was really hungry.


We finished the dinner off with the usual cutting of cake (a rich chocolate one). The band, which had already wrapped up to go, agreed to stay back and play a nice "Happy birthday to you" tune for the birthday girl. It was really nice of them.

By the time we finally finished dinner, it was around 11pm and people were already milling around waiting for us to get up but we took our own sweet time. They quickly cleared the tables as soon as we stood up and the place became a dance floor.

We adjourned to the Havanita which was packed by the time we got there. There was a live band playing jazz. It’s an interesting concept. The place has something for everyone - House music (in the Passion Lounge on the top floor), R&B as well as jazz. They even had a big TV showing some football game and noticed that Acat and a few guys were glued to it.

Quite cozy and I would have enjoyed it. You may notice that I say I "would have". It's because I was not prepared - I was the only guy wearing freaking sandals in the entire place. That meant no dancing for me.

After checking out the whole place, we left the place around 11:45PM.

My wife's opinion: she sill prefers rock music and Hard Rock Cafe


We also had to leave early because my wife had to oversee some guys who were busy with the proceedings of their conference. Some guys were shaking their head in disbelief when my wife told them we were working. Yes! On a saturday night. I know its crazy but some people have deadlines. These guys were in their office - working round the clock. I told my wife that they deserve more than what they were going to get paid for the job. By the time we reached our house, it was already half past 2 in the morning.

(Edited at 2 AM - 11 April, Monday morning in my wife's office. Yes! These guys are still working and I have to wait for my wife. Boo Hoooo)


AlanK said...

Pictures were nice, hope you had good night out

also bar looked quite good, very colourful and tropical.

narrowband said...

You and your wife are real hardworking people. And hardworking people usually get the perks :D

At first when I read "clubbing", I imagined, yknow.. like Zouk or Rush or something. Then I saw pineapple fried rice... Hmm. Thai restaurants usually serve that sorta fried rice, and they taste great! I love em.

Acat said...

dude, still managed to duck out of the pic eh. hehe it was anice place la over all. despite the relatively slow service.

sweetspirit said...

Looks like a nice place,wow you and your wife work long hours .Wish u both a nice week tcz

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Yup, nice pics man! :)

chics said...

yeah, i was having zouk in mind..anyway, it seemed like a nice place

Adam said...

Thanks for your comments guys.
Maybe the initlal sentences were a bit misleading. We went out for dinner and that was it, we did hang around for a while after the strobe lights came on but we retired to the Havanita and we didn't stay around to dance unlike the other guys. Yes! It's quite different from Zouk.


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