Sunday, April 24, 2005

Deadlines n Music

I missed my deadline. It was yesterday and I called up the people up there to "PLEASE!" extend it for another 2 more days. After I had cooked up sent them the reasons - conference in KL followed by fever, I was able to get the extension.

I locked my door and got down to work. Before that, I clicked the RealPlayer and hit play.

My wife is the kind of person who needs aboslute silence and no disturbance while studying or concentrating. I am exactly the opposite, I perfer to play some music or even leave the TV on, while I work.

Have almost completed my work and passed on some to my great friends. Hopefully, I will have the results by this evening.

Most of the songs on my playlist are english songs, but I do have some Korean, Indonesian, Malay, Hindi and songs in some other languages too. Suddenly this song caught my ear. I looked at the track - "Apo Kono Eh Jang" by Ally Noor & Mastura. It's kind of traditional sounding and I have no idea what the lyrics mean. But it is kind of catchy.

Anyway, here are the lyrics if you are interested.

( P: )
Jang oh Jang
Mano pulak poi eh budak bertuah ni
Sonyap yo...
Siaplah jang oi...
Kobau tu tak boghi makan lai

( L: )
Batu kikir jambatan bosi
Gulai udang sebelango
Cubo omak fikir dalam hati
Ayo ni bujang sudah lamo aih

( P: )
Apo kono eh jang kau monong ajo
Orang ke bulan ekau di mano
Muko berpoluh apo teghaso
Carian ubek penawa duko

( P: )
Poilah mandi hari dah tinggi
Jangan temonung menoman tanggo
Ke sawah kito menuai padi
Apo dikonang pekaro yang sudah

( P: )
Si milah kau gilokan
Orang dah masuk meminang
Mano den lotak muko
Kondak kau jang diambik orang
Biar omak cari an lain
Ompuk orang jangan diidam

( P: )
Ha... tu lah, dulu lai den koba kan
Kojo jang... kojo.
Ni.. ke kobun maleh
Ke sawah liat pulak tu

( L: )
Ah.. Omak ni..
Sekolah tinggi tinggi takkan ke sawah do
Buek malu yo...

( P: )
Nak kan anak orang tak payah beduit
Apolah nak jadi kau ni jang oi hai...

( L: )
Abih macano mak
Badan seh ni nak domam yo ghaso eh

( P: )
Dah den koba an dulu kumpo kan duit
Pinanglah copek ini kau tangguh an
Ke sawah kota mengumpo belanjo
Bekonan den si milah buek menantu

( P: )
Apo lai kau sosakan
Menghaung tak ado guno
Milah kawin minggu dopan
Melopong kau jang putih mato
Jangan lai dikonang konang
Asik dikonang merano badan

( L: )
Bekocak air di boting
Limau manih betaruk mudo
Bio becacak koghih dan lombing
Putih kuning den tarik juo

( P: )
Kau nak apo an milah tu pulak
Jangan jang, malu omak
Kito yang susah nanti

( L: )
Seh tak kiro
Seh nak an jugo milah tu mak
Apo nak jadi, jadilah

( P: )
Dah di haruk setan ko budak ni
Dunio pun tak nampak layi...

( L: )
Ke jelobak ke jelobu
Tuai padi tigo tangkai
Kato ombung den...
Kato ongah den...
Kato ocu den
Podih nyo hati menanggung malu
Tak mati badan menghasai... Aih

( P: )
Apo kono eh jang...

Can anyone tell me what they mean in english.


Acat said...

hehe dude, this songs reminds me of my ex. hahah she can do a very good rendition of this. *sigh

shsuya said...

hey Adam.. sorry abt the font size I've tried means n ways n its still the same..incompatibility btwn the 2 browsers i supp. A fren suggested u set a minimum size in ur font settings for firefox so u'll never encounter this prob again in other web sites....
i'm sooo sorry ...
anyone with a solution pls leave me a tag

BabyPink said...

this isn't malay?:)

OuiOui said...

wa this is one old song

Adam said...

Acat: Oops sorry to bring back memories. Was she a minakabau? I heard that the girls are really independent and headstrong.

Babypink: You will be surprised to learn that Malays here in Malaysia speak a number of dialects. This is a song in one of the dialects spoken by a group in Negeri Sembilan state of Malaysia.

shsuya: When I look at the source code of your web page, I can see that the font size is set at 4. Maybe you can leave it at normal.

z_mnor said...

Adam, this song reminds me of my childhood live. It is one of the popular songs back in the 80s.

It is a song of conversation between mother and son about life. She tells him to get going and forget the pasts and his love interest, Milah. Milah is marrying somebody else but the mother's son still cannot get rid off his feeling towards her.

Morale of the story (in the song) >> life goes on, no matter what happened in your life *wink*


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