Monday, March 07, 2005

Weekend Roundup

My wife pulled me along with her to the Hush Puppy sale at the Armada Hotel in PJ. In the end I ended up spending more than her. Actually she bought 2 shoes and I bought only one - a pair from Obermain, which cost me only RM100. Yeah! even at a bargain, guys shoes cost more. Maybe its because we don't buy that often and only have a few pairs as compared to women.

Added this later:I have been here at the Armada hotels for various sales. In fact, I bought most of my Hantaran (Malay wedding gifts) at some of them. This time, it was a bit more organised with the organisers restricting the number of customers entering the hall. Last time, it was a riot with ladies pushing each other tugging and pulling. This time, the pushing and pulling was still on but on a lesser scale.

In the evening we finally watched Sepet. Correction: I finally watched Sepet. My wife had already seen it earlier on Wednesday. Anyway, tried to book 2 tickets at One Utama's TGV over the phone but found that it was fully booked. So decided to try our luck by queuing up for the 9:10 pm show. Found that the only seats available were those on the front row. We were really disappointed until the lady at the counter pointed out that we could wait till 8:40pm. They would then release those unsold seats booked over the telephone. We waited and got great seats, 3 rows from the back and in the center.

Regarding the movie, I guess I have nothing new to blog about. Yes its a great movie and I really liked it, I guess because it is like a breath of fresh air after all the Erra Fazira and fantasy based/Hindi movie clones. However, the scene transitions were sometimes a bit jarring. We laughed along with the others at some of the funny scenes. The sad scenes were a bit touching initially but the girls weeping at the back and in the front rows somehow made it funny. I recommend everyone to see this movie if you have not done so.

Went to Melacca for work again. Didn't have chance to explore the city again.

Went to Ikea in Damansara with Rahil tagging along. Our friend, Hardy gave us free vouchers worth RM100 and so we decided to do a bit of shopping. A tip: You can save on parking if you park at the Curve's parking, which is still free and then walk to the Ikano power center. Anyway, we didn't buy anything big and picked up some small stuff which cost altogether about RM60. So we have about RM40, which we must finish off before 16th March. We may have to come back for a bed set, which will set me back by more than a grand. Uh Oh.

My younger sister called me up from Australia to wish me Happy Birthday, a bit early. She will be here in Malaysia in April and she can't wait to see Rahil.

Back to work in Kedah. It's my birthday but I will be celebrating it alone. My wife gave me a nice pen and a wallet (to replace my old one). Everyone loves presents and I am no exception. My sister called me to say that she has something for me when I come back next week. Keep those present coming.

I remember those days during my teenage years when I couldn't wait to be older. Its kind of funny but you keep reminiscing about those teenage years....


nong@kween said...

Hey!! Happy Bday!! Hope u have a good one. Btw, latest picture of Rahil takde ke?

BabyPink said...

hey, happy birthday adam!:) may your year be altogether better than the last one.:)

SleekBlackMercedes said...

Happy Bday bro! :)

Adam said...

Thanks for all the wishes guys.
Nong: Just put up some more pics of Rahil.

mrkiasu said...

Hush puppy got sale meh? Where where where **excited** again.

Adam said...

mrkiasu: Sorry! It's over. It was only only on for 2 days on the 4th and the 5th. Lot of bargains from Renoma, Hush Puppies and Obermain.
Thats why it is good to have a network of lady shopoholics. They seem to have information to all the sales in town.

ieda said...

hey, happy (belated) birthday! though a bit late, it's the thot that counts, no? ;)

Adam said...

Thanks for the B'day greetings Nong, Babypink, the Hustler, Ieda.

Naz Sunshine said...

happy belated birthday!! i guess this confirms that you're also a piscean!! cool!!

Adam said...

Thanks Naz. Yes, my B'day is 1 day after yours. "Yes! Another romantic". I hate it everytime someone says that. ;-)


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