Sunday, March 13, 2005

Thermal Cups

I love my thermal coffee (or tea) cups. they are made of stainless steel with a spill-proof lid design with rubber seal. I used to have a normal boring ceramic cup but it broke when it fell off my table. These on the other hand, are unbreakable and keep my drinks warm (or cold). I have 2 of them and got both of them for free.

I received the smaller one when I signed up for a life insurance package with Great Eastern. On the other hand, the tall one (my favourite) is from Citibank. I got it from my wife who got it from a Professor in University Malaya who in turn got it from a representative from Citibank. I love these free corporate gifts.


Madder said...

Your thermal cups kind of reminds me of my colleague who is an Indian, he always walks around with his steel mug, kinda like his trademark... and one day his girlfriend (also a colleague) said to him,

"Woi C, I know la you're an Indian, but you don't have to carry that steel mug around with you all the time. What's with indian and steel mugs anyway?"

I know that sound kind of racist,but since it comes from his girl I guest it's just a friendly comment.

Adam said...

Hi Madder. I know some really crazy Indians with strange habits. ;-) In my case a thermal cup is just so practical.


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