Friday, March 04, 2005

Sad News

On Wednesday, my father called me up to tell me that my grandmother (on my mother side - my mother's mother) has passed away. I knew her simply as Aa Bok and don't even know her real full name.

She was always there for us. When my father was away in UK and we were all alone, she was the only one that came forward to help. I remember the times she put me to sleep, telling me old folk tales and of Kings and princesses. How she told me of my Royal blood. I don't know if she was joking. My mon would sometimes leave me with her when she was busy and I would watch and play around in the small shop that they used to run. I could choose any snack to eat and they would not stop me.

It has been quite sometime since I last saw her. I had always assumed that she would be around and kept putting off seeing her. And now its too late. Now I wish I had seen her before she died or called her more often. Its too late.

Hope she goes to Heaven.


stone said...

sorry to hear the news. i know how it felt like when my Tok Chik passed away. Al-Fatihah...

narrowband said...

My condolences..

meow meow said...

deepest condolences from me and muz. what you said is true and made me realised the importance of visiting tuk tan more often.

Diana said...

I can't express how much its hurting when i heard about Abok passing away. I too remenber her shop when mummy would leave me with her while she was at work & imagine all the goodies I could have for free!!! I have never heard her complain except for the time she had to stay at our house & our dog Jane would really annoy her. All I could say is that she had a full life and I am glad she's my Grams!!I never did tell her that I loved her although it was always in my heart. It is not too late, I know she's here guiding us & loving us like she always have.

Adam said...

Thanks for the kind words guys.

Meow meow: Welcome to the blogging World. So you quietly went and started blogging. When is Muz joining in? :-)


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