Monday, March 14, 2005

IT Expert

I have suddenly become the IT expert in the office now. It seems like I am the first person they call when they face some problems with their PC or even for software problems.

Hey guys, in case you didn't realise there is a separate department, set up just to deal with such problems, staffed with guys having IT degrees. They are not getting their pay for free, you know.

Some people are surprised because I have a background in biological sciences (or in Forestry to be more precise). However, I was always interested in computers and stuff. I started building my first website on Geocities in 1998 (while I was struggling with my MBA in University Malaya) starting with 1 page. It's still there but I haven't updated it in ages. I started creating websites for family and friends and that's how I got hooked.

During my jobless era (one of the toughest phases of my life), I decided to get an E-Commerce Professional certificate from Informatics, PJ and I really learnt a lot. Then I started writing for the Jaring Internet Magine (published by Mimos). That happened after I wrote to the editor, commenting about an article and he invited me to write for them. It was quite funny but I later got a job as the Information officer/Editor in Consumers International, based on my IT skills and not my MBA. That's fate I guess.

FYI, Consumers International is a non-profit federation of 274 consumer organisations worldwide, including Malaysia's FOMCA and CAP. I am not sure why, but their website was down when I checked today.

Anyway, I received this e-mail from a office colleague:

Hi Adam,
How do we get rid of spyware?

Even though I am not an expert, here’s my answer to him:

Well I would suggest you use these following Spyware detectors:
1. Spybot - search & destroy
2. Ad-aware

I would also recommend that you use the new popular browser called Firefox from the Mozilla foundation, which you can download from

All of the above software are FREE.


Do you have any more suggestions?


MunKit said...

yeah firefox is more secure..unlike IE, the standalone browser doesn support activeX, a plugin constantly manipulated by hackers.

call her not to install profit-based applications as well.. esp p2p file-sharing programs like kazaa and limewire.. instead use open-source community supported software like e-mule and bittorrent. those programs are not bundled with spyware and therefore secure.

don't go round installing applications you don't know, opening e-mail attachments you aren't expecting and blindly clicking through security command prompts :)

lastly of course, to your colleague, consult adam b4 doing anything risky! haha

Law Tien Soon said...

Well, I've previously made a post titled "Do You Know What Spyware Does?". You may have a look :-)

Jinny said...

Yay, firefox =)

I've written a blog on preventing most spyware, just search it on my blog and you can find it

LcF said...

Beside spybot and ad-aware, I recommend Microsoft AntiSpyware, if it is w2k or winxp. Ya, Microsoft, but it does the job well.

Madder said...

I hate Spyware! For some reason the lecturers in my Uni always have a problem with Spywares + Browser Hijackers. Spywares a.k.a trojans are always easier to move, But Browser Hijacks are very hard to fix... to date, I have been having this problem with browser hijackers. First I installed SpySweeper and it worked, but after a week it came back and I installed SpyBot (didn't work), Ad-aware(Didn't Work) and Hijack This (still didn't work)...


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