Sunday, March 27, 2005

Ikea With Rahil

This friday, went to the Ikea store in Damasara (again!!). I suddenly realised that we had made 3 trips to the store this month alone. This time we were here to get the matress pad. I guess we are the kind of people that marketers love.

However, this time we made a mistake - that of bringing Rahil along with us. It was her nap time and she was really cranky. By the time we reached the kid's section, she was throwing a really big tantrum - screaming to the top of her lungs and crying with tears streaming down. The thing was that she wanted to run around and didn't want to be held. We put her on top of the trolly and quickly selected the Matress pad (Sultan Timan, which cost around RM500) and went as fast as we could to the checkout counter.

Along the way, I did pick up other stuff, like mirrors, pillows and a side table. After my wife had paid using her credit card, we quickly went down to the parking lot. I left them near the drop off space and went to fetch the car. To my horror, I couldn't find the car with fears rising. I ran around quite a bit with Rahil screaming "Baba, Baba" in the background.

I suddenly realised that we were on the wrong floor. I had parked the car at the lower parking PII. My wife was a bit cross with me as she was having a hard time with Rahil. Rahil finally calmed down after we started the car and went off to dreamland.I didn't even have time to pee even though I was about to burst and held on till I reached the house. She slept for nearly an hour.

A good lesson for both of us : never bring along Rahil when it's her nap time. She can get really cranky. However, it's a normal phase that a toddler goes through as she develops.


shifty said...

is that your daughter there? she's as cute as a button! :)

Adam said...

Oblique: Yes she is. Thanks.

Liz said...

Adam, setiap kali ku terpandang gambar Rahil, maternal instinct ku akan melonjak.She's so cute lah...eiiii..geramnyer.

Weird thing about IKEA is that, everytime I go there, sah akan pening kepala.Sebab terover excited kot.I love furniture makes me go crazy (after shoes,sushi and swimming in $100 notes filled in an empty pool)

diana said...

i think anyone who has kids deserve a lot of respect. I myself cannot stand kids for more than half an hour :S

Adam said...

Liz: The best I like about Ikea is that you can actually touch and feel the furniture. For example, they actually encourage you to sleep on their beds before you actually buy them.

Acid said...

yup adam. never kacau our kids naptime - a lesson i learnt when danish came along to our lives. if you do, he'll kacau yours plak! fair and square!


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