Tuesday, February 22, 2005

iPod Maybe

Sometime back I had taken part in the Asian Wall Street Journal's survey "AWSJ 200: Asia's Leading Companies" and received an e-mail yesterday informing me about the results.

The top ten multinational companies operating in Asia are:

1. Microsoft Corp. (has been on top for the past 10 years)
2. BMW
3. Hewlett-Packard
4. Nokia Corp.
5. Sony Corp.
6. Toyota Motors Corp.
7. IBM
8. General Electric
9. Intel Corp.
10. Apple Computer

According to the survey, Genting Bhd was ranked No. 1 in Malaysia.
The complete results will come out in the 21st February 2005 issue of The AWSJ.

The interesting thing is that the 1st 100 people in Malaysia to return the questionnaires were entered in a lucky draw. The prize: an Apple iPod. Here's hoping that I get it.

BTW, you may have noticed I have put back the Blogger comments up. I decide to do so after learning that Haloscan does not save older comments. Please use the Blogger facility to leave your valuable comments. I am still leaving the Haloscan comments on as there are some interesting comments there.


H4RRY said...

are u sure that u'll win it? there's a lot more ppl reading the magazine, you know. u should consider the time u sent the questionaire n the average time it'll arrive at their office. Wish u win!

MunKit said...

ahh where's mercedes benz -_-'' shame on them

btw i see a general trend of ppl shifting from haloscan to blogger. they din't make it clear in the first place that they were going to archive older comments and look how they've caused all these troubles..

Adam said...

Well h4rry, I completed and sent the questionnaire back the day after I received it. Having had some experience myself in doing research using questionnaires, I won't be surprised if I was among the 1st 10.

sunshine said...

apple iPod?!! coooooll... one of my wishlist for 2005/2006 is the mini iPod..

Adam said...

Hi Sunshine. I won't mind having the new iPod Shuffle too.

RG said...

haloscan didn't save the old comments?

no wonder i lost all the comments made before August 2004 on my blog.

I thought it's my fault that I lost all the comments (with all the template changes and what not).


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