Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Moving On

I have decided to continue with my India Trip series later and blog about something instead. I was going through my 'Other Blogs' list and discovered that many of the bloggers have moved/are moving to another blog or have stopped blogging altogether.

I guess some people get bored with blogging after sometime. Others decided that being anonymous is a better way to blog. Others feel that their blog reminds them of too many unhappy past events and want to move on. Whatever their reason, its sad whenever you find that a blog that you used to visit has suddenly decided to close down. Though I have never met any of them personally except for Acat, I have shared in their heartbreaks, happiness and dreams though their blogs.

However, that hasn’t happened to me yet and I still have a lot of things to share. It is interesting to note that my wife is a regular visitor of my blog. Initially she was not very happy as she thought it was a waste of time and a kiddie hobby. And then she would mention the disproportionate number of ladies in the list of blogs listed. My explanation that "most bloggers are ladies” didn’t cut much ice with her. Now she is my biggest critic and even urging me to write about this and that. “Darling! Please get your own blog please.

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