Monday, January 24, 2005

Bad Luck

I will remember this Aidil Adha as a series of misfortunes. It was nice to be back with my wife and Rahil in KL for a few more days than usual. My parents also came down from Kota Bharu. My dad had soem short of workshop in University Malaya and took the opportunity to spend sometime with their only grandchild (and with their son and daughter too).

It would have been VERY nice if not for a few unfortunate incidents. My wife lost her handphone on the day of Aidil Adha. We were having a drink at an Indian restaurant near her house in Kelana Jaya and she left it on the table. We realized too late, that she had misplaced it. Either a customer or one of their workers had taken it - they denied coming across a phone. While coming back after meeting my parents who were staying in a hotel, we learnt that my wife's cousin's house, just a few houses away, had been burgled.

Next day, more bad news was coming. I realised something was wrong when I went to their hotel to fetch tem for lunch. My mom had gone to Jalan Masjid India to buy some gold jewellery. While looking at some items in a shop, my mother realized that someone had made away with a set of gold bracelets costing RM1600 from her bag. I was surprised as she was with my sister and 3 other family friends. My sister lodged a report with the police and learnt that the culprit had been captured on the CC TV in the shop. She was an Indian girl carrying a few plastic bags. She had sat next to my mom for a few minutes and had expertly slipped off with the small bag containing the bracelets. According to the police, she was a professional.

That was not the end of their ordeal. My mom was making her way back to the hotel with her friend, while my sister and others were making the police report when they suddenly realized that they had reached Bangsar. The taxi driver had literally taken them for a ride. They should have sensed something was wrong when the taxi driver had offered them some sweets. Looking back I realize how serious it could have been. They could have been drugged. The thought give me shivers. They then noticed that the taxi didn’t have a meter. Instead of apologizing, the taxi driver instead blamed them for not giving proper directions. They finally reached the hotel and he demanded RM10 even though it would have cost them only about RM4. My mom and her friend quickly gave him the money and got out. They were just thankful they got out unharmed.

While my mum was relating the story while having lunch, we learnt that my mother-in-law had lost her credit card the day before.

What is happening to our family? I guess we need to have a cleansing ritual or something.

Looking at the bright side. I bought my wife a brand new funky Nokia phone yesterday. Learnt that my wife’s cousin hadn’t lost anything precious. My mom actually had another necklace, which cost around RM4000. She was lucky the thief had not made away with that. My mom in law was able to cancel the credit card as soon as she realized that she had misplaced it and also found that no one had misused it.

Yeh! I look at the bright side. May all our bad luck go away with that.

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