Saturday, January 29, 2005

Azan Software

For those who are interested, I found this great software which plays the Azan or Azaan or Athan (call to prayer for Muslims) for every prayer time (5 times daily). It is the Athan (Azan) Basic 2.1, from Islamic Finder. The software covers more than 6 million cities, towns, and villages all over the world and also includes Qiblah directions (direction to the holy mosque in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia). You can choose Azans from Mecca, Medina or Al-Aqsa or even no azan at all. It also gives you the choice of adding a doa(suplication) after the Azan.

I have checked and so far it hasn't crashed the computer, doesn't have any hidden spyware and best of all, its FREE. They do have a another version called the Athan Pro 2.1, which you can buy online.

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