Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Red Tape

I know everybody hates red tape. Even those who follow all the rules, bureaucracy, etc., etc., hate it when they are the ones on the other side. It's bad when it is red tape + tidak apa /indifferent attitude. It's worse when combined with rude behaviour.

I am not sure whether anyone realized it, but there has been a whole shift (for the better) in the way people in various government departments deal with their customers – US. I attribute it to the new Prime Minister’s policies.

Yes. I can hear some snide remarks and comments.

Hey! Give the guy a break. He’s been in power for only a while and he has already changed the way people do things. You have to give praise when it is due.

Of course, you can hear about bad service from government servants from time to time but its not as bad as it was some years back.

And I am not joking. I recently renewed our maid’s visa. Of course I had to complete the normal procedure – mandatory health check, etc. etc., which took quite some time before I could go ahead with the actual renewal thing. I was amazed as the whole process took about 5 minutes only.

Is it me or are the people at the counter in the Immigration Dept. more friendlier now. Maybe its because they are in Kedah with its laidback lifestyle. Not sure about the situation in KL.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

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