Thursday, December 30, 2004

Going to India Finally

I have a few white hairs, red eyes from not enough sleep and lost weight.
Running around, pushing and pleading.

The prayers worked and YEAH! I am finally going to India with my wife.
It was a tense touch-n-go situation but I finally got the go ahead and
just received the good news a few minutes ago.

I take back all the curses, all the bad things I said as the result is
what matters.
All well that ends well.

Yes! I will be leaving KL for New Delhi with my wife on the 2nd and will
be spending 6 days and 4 nights there.

Actually its for a conference but that won't stop us from having fun.
The only sad part is that we won't be able to take Rahil. Her grand
parents will be taking care of her.

Taj Mahal here I come.


This might have been a very different post had I not got back my passport in time.

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