Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Balik Kota

While almost everyone I know is going back to their "Kampungs", I am going back to the big Kota - KL.

My wife's father is from Perak but grew up in Singapore and KL. On the other hand, my mother-in-law is from Perlis. My wife was born and grew up in KL - apart from a short secondary school stint in Terengganu(not a good experience, according to her). In other words she is a bonafide KL girl.

They used to go back to Perlis or Perak every Raya but now both the grandparents - grandfather on father's side and grandmother on mother's side now reside in KL. In fact, their grandmother is staying with them right now. So no more "Balik Kampung". It was intersting to note that many of our friends also don't go back to their Kampungs anymore due to the simple fact that they grew up and were raised in KL and most of their grandparents have passed away or were now staying with them in KL. I wonder how many of you guys are in the same position now.

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