Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Just read in the Star today that public housing may not be guaranteed for new squatters. That’s good news and in fact some rotten apples have taken advantage of the policy of providing public housing to squatters to make KL and Selangor "squatter free".

In the beginning it may have been a good idea as there were a lot of poor people who had come to the cities from their Kampung to work here and were unable to afford other accommodation. However, some saw it a good opportunity to get rich without any effort. Many who could afford to buy a house would retain a squatter house, which they would either rent out or stay themselves. In fact, you can see expensive cars parked outside some of these houses with all modern amenities including Astro. So when the Government develops these areas, they would ultimately get a low cost house or apartment, which they would promptly rent out.

Besides the fact that these places offer cheapest accommodation in the city, this is one of the main reasons that you have a never-ending problem of squatters. Any comments?

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