Thursday, September 23, 2004

Missing Files

Left my office to attend a seminar yesterday and as I had some work left, came back in the late afternoon. I was shocked when I discovered that the entire content of 'My Documents' were missing. Nothing, not even an MP3 file.

I lost a good collection of some of my favourite songs in MP3 format (most of them, old classic rock). Now I have build the collection up again. I also lost a lot of pictures, some personal and some official. And again I didn't keep bother to keep a backup or burn these virtual memories to a CD. Thank God! I had most of my important files saved on my trusty old flash drives (3 of them).

However, I am baffled how this happened. I did not delete it, there was also no sign of a forced entry into my office and anyway, some guys were still around. The only other possible explanations are that, either some pimply-faced teenage hacker came into my system and deleted them (not very logical) or there is a new virus that leaves other files intact and destroys only the contents of ‘My documents’ folder. Another more likely reason- someone from our Computer department came through the system and did this. This is just a theory and I have no proof. If they did this, they are also probably reading my blog too. I would like to tell them or anyone who deleted my files, A__HOLES! MAY YOU HAVE A HUNDRED DAYS OF BAD LUCK (unless you ask beg for my forgiveness or undo what they did).

Why? I am not sure but I have heard that many companies do monitor the online habits of their employees. This includes the sites they surf to and the files they download. I have heard that some even put key-loggers into the systems of their employees.

So be careful, be very careful.]

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