Friday, September 24, 2004

Maybe a Virus

After discussions with a few IT experts (including my father-in-law) I have come to the conclusion that I was not the victim of a hacker rather it was most probably a virus which was responsible for the missing files in 'My Documents' folder. Have anyone faced a similar problem before.

I am a very careful person and have taken the necessary precautions – an anti-virus software, which is updated regularly, a spyware detector as well as well as a firewall. However, despite all my precautions and the fact that my own organization server has its own firewall + anti-virus software running round the clock, I still receive a lot of e-mails with suspicious looking attachments. I guess the problem is that in spite of all the warnings, people are tempted to download these files. Once a computer in infected in our organization, it quickly spreads through the network. This is an ongoing war and we will never be completely safe.

I guess, the only precaution is the mantra “backup, backup, backup”.

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