Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Tech Dependent

I have waited eagerly for the movie I Robot to hit our screens and yet, when it did, I didn't see it. In fact I haven't seen it as yet. Even though I am a big fan of Issac Asimov, even though I have read all the reviews and seen all the sneak previews but I still haven't seen the movie yet... maybe sometime soon.

A lot of guys told me that the movie is too far fetched - "there is no way a machine is going to become as advanced as that" and "a life-like robot is possible but one with emotions..... I don't think soooo".

Well! I had to remind them that at one time no one could imagine that we could fly round the Earth at speeds faster than that of sound, that man would be walking on the moon or that we would be walking around with small electronic devices which enable us talk to each other even though we may be on opposite sides of the Earth.

Many things which we consider normal was beyond our wildest dreams, and maybe we watched them in movies and read them in books but it was just a fantasy. It's actually amazing how technology has developed so fast. It seems only yesterday that only a few people could afford those early versions of the handphone, some as big as a suitcase. I kept putting off buying a hand phone but finally decided to get one. The first model I had was the Philips Twist, which was considered quite stylish when it reached Malaysian shores. Looking at it now, I can't imagine that I was carrying it around in my pocket. A 1 sen coin would stick on the speaker- thats how powerful the magnet was. I hope it didn't screw up my brains. Now, I can't do without my handphone at all. Just now, the battery went kaput and I was running around - desperately looking for a charger in the office wondering whether someone was trying to contact me. Fortunately, mine is a Nokia and it was quite easy easy to find someone with a charger. Sometimes I wonder how we survived without a handphone.

A few days ago, we had a power failure. Work in the entire building came to a stand still. No electricity meant that we could not use the computer, we had no access to the Internet and we could not blog or read other blogs. Worse, it was a hot day and no aircon. So we closed our office and went outside to have a teh tarik. This makes me wonder, "are we becoming too dependent on technology?"

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