Monday, August 02, 2004


Now that the National Fatwa Council has ruled that SMS contests are haram (forbidden) to Muslims, does it mean that I will stop receiving those annoying SMS contest invitations from Celcom? Or do we have to register our religion whenever we buy a prepaid sim card or register a number?

While I am on the topic of Haram, one friend once joked on the reason why a huge number of drug addicts in Malaysia are Malays (or Muslims). They can't take Alcohol, which is haram while drugs are not. It's a racist joke and even though I laughed at first, I realised that a lot of people are ignorant about Islamic beliefs. As far as I know, anything harmful to your body is haram and drug misuse is a lot worse than alcoholism.

If some Muslims are indeed taking drugs (eg., heroin, cocaine, ganja, amphetamines, ecstasy etc., etc.) because Alcohol is considered Haram (and they think drugs are not), there is only one thing I can say to them..... MORON.

Are there really some people who think like that?

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